Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Long Ride Home...and Back

Well, it's been a busy three weeks or so since I've posted. The first week and a half I was madly catching up on my hours at work while Tim had his Reading Week. This past Thursday, Gabriel and I went on an adventure all by ourselves to Virginia, since Tim had too much schoolwork to come along. Gabriel actually did pretty well traveling. Both parties involved for very grateful for the DVD player Nana Carol had given Gabriel for his birthday. He just vegged away for a few hours like a proper 2006 child. Until he got bored and ripped apart a few books. :) I'm growin' my child up RIGHT, can't you tell?

He had a great time seeing his Grandma and Granddaddy, and eating some great Easter meals and moo-ing about 768 times during our stay there. Lots of cows to see. He also took some rides in the golf cart and walked up and down the brick steps in front of the house about 34 monotonously boring times in a row (can you tell I was the hand-holder on that one?). He's at that stage where he loves steps, but will straighten up to his full teetering height right on the the very edge, swaying back and forth. One must almost go take a nerve pill. Or hold his hand. Tim missed him, but I kind of got the feeling that Gabriel was simply too busy to really miss anyone, and if his mommy had headed off for a few days, I don't really think he would have noticed that either. :) What between toy cars and cows and Granddaddy.

Grandma gave him his first Easter basket with some of those kid Graduate snacks and a bunny and some OJ - and a BUCKET. Wowsers.

So we're finally home. Phew. 10 pounds heavier and really tired of driving. :)

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