Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sigh.  Today was "one of THOSE days" with Israel.  The powder, the babywash, the cologne, the scissors, the nakedness of the Israel butt.  The powder again.   The screaming for "Boos Coos!!!" (Blues Clues).  The louder screaming when Mommy says 'No'.  Yawn.  Wears a mommy OUT!!

So let's see.  What has been going on.  The event at the top of my list is the rearrangement of sleeping quarters around here.  Zion is now in his crib back in the room where Israel used to sleep, and Israel is in his toddler bed in Gabe's room, and we once again have one half of the house child free. :)  The other nice thing is that I had HAD it with the screwy sleeping schedule that little skunk was keeping, so I started turning every light in the bedroom out before I went to feed him when he woke up after sleeping an hour between 9 and 10 PM (before there would be a dim light in the bathroom, or the light from the computer screen) - and discovered that it did the trick.  Instead of his little eyes just getting brighter and brighter and him grinning cheerily at me at 10:27 PM, he snuffled himself right back into sweet slumber, and has every night since then, as long as we are home in the evenings.   Going away throws him off a bit, but I can often lay him down with his thumb after a while and he will go to sleep.  So all of that is VONDERVUL!!!  (Just throwing in a little German accent to keep you on your toes.)  I have found the whole "baby up all evening" thing the most stressful thing in the third baby thing so far, so to have that basically figured out is a big sigh of relief.

Gabe and Israel haven't done too bad in their room together.  If it gets too yell-y in there, we just put Gabe in our bed for a while.  

Oh yes.  The other thing is that I have finally started feeding the little dude some real food.  (5 months, 3 weeks, 2 days)  I had been planning to wait till the six month mark, since that is supposed to be better, and because it's way easier to not start with the food thing anyways until you have to.  Tim had made some bread the other night that the boys were having for a bedtime snack, and Zion had HAD it!!!  He started crying angrily and kicking and flailing. HE!  WANTED!  FOOD! TOO!!!!  :)  So I mashed up some bananas for him in a hurry and shoveled them in, to his sheer lip smacking delight.  The green beans the next day he was not so big on, but sweet potatoes are a go, and so are bananas mixed with rice cereal.  It seems that with every child I have been less and less eager to start the whole food thing, what with all the mashing and the grinding and the bibs and the highchairs and the food smeared everywhere...wow, even this sentence makes me sort of want to return to the easy days of just breastfeeding.  But I guess it was time.  :)  Man.  You finally get rid of one large kid item (ie. high chair) and then it suddenly has to reappear in all it's largesse.  

We are enjoying a season of good health.  Only an occasional wiping of snotty noses here and there.  A scattered cough now and then.  But that's about it.  You sure don't take it for granted when you've experienced too many colds back to back.  Phew.  

Thursday, March 05, 2009

28 Months

Israel is the happy-go-lucky member of our family. He just bee-bops around the house happily doing his thing. He loves to mimic - he copies EVERYTHING that Gabe does. If Gabe hops down from his chair at lunch to come and say something to me in the kitchen and then goes back to his seat, Israel watches avidly, then hops down from his chair, comes and makes talking noises at me while using appropriate hand gestures, then returns to his seat with quite the satisfied expression on his face.

He loves Gabe and loves playing with him, but sometimes seems to think he needs to protect his turf against Zion somewhat. Especially because Zion seems to hog Mommy's lap, which apparently is prime property these days. Overall, he has been pretty neutral towards Zion, and lately has been increasingly more affectionate - although sometimes I need to protect Zion from all his good intentions. :)
Israel has transitioned really well into sleeping in the toddler bed. He still takes naps most days. He often falls asleep on the sheep rug on his floor, or half in, half out of bed.
Right now everyone falls into one of two classifications for Israel - a Mom-Mom or a Dat. Males are Dat's, females are Mom-Mom's. :)

He LOVES books. LOVES them. If anyone comes to visit, he makes a beeline for them with a pile of books. He also likes to color a lot. Makes no difference whether it is coloring book, skin, or wall, for that matter.
He isn't potty trained yet, but often requests to have his diaper taken off to go pee in the potty. He has only pooped in there one time, though. That's always the clincher.

He is more expressive than Gabe. When he is distraught, he certainly can yell. Lots of big tears. No hiding any emotions in this kid. And looooouuudd. Phew. He is just loud all around. He has this heavy little loud tromp around the house - thud thud thud thud.
He is also very affectionate. He loves to give kisses, and it is just the cutest thing to see that little pucker coming your way. He also enjoys being held - the only problem is that he weighs about as much as a truck. Ok, fine, maybe not, but he is heavier than Gabe, although only by a few ounces. I think he is currently 35-ish pounds.
The Painted Warrior slumbers...still a baby.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

5 Months

- Rolls from back to stomach (5 months 6 days)
- Seems to suddenly have grown!! His legs are getting round and squeezy.
- Generally a laid back, happy baby.
- Loves to play with baby toys and crackly plastic.
- VERY interested in the sight and smell of food. Gets very cranky and insistent on "more TASTES!!" when I let him "taste" something I'm eating, but...he can wait another month, says Mom.
- Still sucking his thumb. Cuteness pot.
- In size 3 diapers

Well Then.

Reason Number 68 for needing to get out of bed after being placed there for the night: "But Mommy, I don't know what my EYEBROWS look like!!!"

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Miscellaneous Catch-Up

Fun times with Daddy in front of the heater. That Gabe. He strips off clothes faster than you can blink, mostly so he can properly enjoy the cozy warmth of the heater.
Happy Valentine's Day from my mother-in-law. Thanks, Carol! :)
Doogle Schnoops.
Boy time in the kitchen.
Mommy's helpers. Don't worry - Zion's in no danger of falling - he's in his handy dandy Bumbo seat.
Enjoying a snow day. Whooo-hooooo!! :)
Sugar boy in a hat specially made for him by his far away Aunt Melody.
Me, age 31, with my three babes.
Squeeze 'im.