Thursday, March 05, 2009

28 Months

Israel is the happy-go-lucky member of our family. He just bee-bops around the house happily doing his thing. He loves to mimic - he copies EVERYTHING that Gabe does. If Gabe hops down from his chair at lunch to come and say something to me in the kitchen and then goes back to his seat, Israel watches avidly, then hops down from his chair, comes and makes talking noises at me while using appropriate hand gestures, then returns to his seat with quite the satisfied expression on his face.

He loves Gabe and loves playing with him, but sometimes seems to think he needs to protect his turf against Zion somewhat. Especially because Zion seems to hog Mommy's lap, which apparently is prime property these days. Overall, he has been pretty neutral towards Zion, and lately has been increasingly more affectionate - although sometimes I need to protect Zion from all his good intentions. :)
Israel has transitioned really well into sleeping in the toddler bed. He still takes naps most days. He often falls asleep on the sheep rug on his floor, or half in, half out of bed.
Right now everyone falls into one of two classifications for Israel - a Mom-Mom or a Dat. Males are Dat's, females are Mom-Mom's. :)

He LOVES books. LOVES them. If anyone comes to visit, he makes a beeline for them with a pile of books. He also likes to color a lot. Makes no difference whether it is coloring book, skin, or wall, for that matter.
He isn't potty trained yet, but often requests to have his diaper taken off to go pee in the potty. He has only pooped in there one time, though. That's always the clincher.

He is more expressive than Gabe. When he is distraught, he certainly can yell. Lots of big tears. No hiding any emotions in this kid. And looooouuudd. Phew. He is just loud all around. He has this heavy little loud tromp around the house - thud thud thud thud.
He is also very affectionate. He loves to give kisses, and it is just the cutest thing to see that little pucker coming your way. He also enjoys being held - the only problem is that he weighs about as much as a truck. Ok, fine, maybe not, but he is heavier than Gabe, although only by a few ounces. I think he is currently 35-ish pounds.
The Painted Warrior slumbers...still a baby.


RosyRose said...

Your description of Israel is so brought back so many memories of Micah!! He sounds like the exact have got one excellent boy on your hands!:) It's nice to have a male-boy,who is able to tell you what he feels! And your baby boy has grown hugely! His bright blue eyes remind me of Lynnie!What a wonderful mom you are!

Melody Stuckey said...

I love the picture of Israel and Zion - in the Johnny Jumpup. Your description of Israel and getting into messy messes is a lot like Mom described Tim at that age - into everything - coloring the walls, pulling out all the Kleenex... Good times!

Anonymous said...

Carrie I enjoyed catching up with your life. Your boys are really cute, seem full of life, and seem like typical little boys. You are a busy mom, for sure! I bet Vincent could give Israel a run for his money when it comes to being loud, especially with crying.

Kyle Cullum said...

Hey carrie I should just post a link to your blog on mine and say "ditto" minus the baby zion and add Prema. Isaac, Eli, Gabe and Isreal are all so similar in so many ways--with oldest being the same and second being the same. Too funny. loved catching up with your family.

kdurec said...

I love all of the updates! Isn't it amazing how peaceful and precious and babyish they look when they are sleeping? And Zion looks a lot like Gabe to me!

Heather said...

Wow...he is definitely boy! My girls are not like that at all...they are so sweet & calm all day! NOT...Israel reminds me very much of my middle Petra! Very loud all day, thud thud thud, & into everything! Could it just be the age & the fact that they have older siblings to encourage their loudness???? Sounds like a busy house for you!

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

Thank-you for all of the updates. I LOVE those little boys. I LOVE your photos too. And thank-you SOOOO much for the shutterfly photo book you sent. I loved it so much. so thoughtful of you.

John and Elaine said...

Hi, hadn't stopped by here for a while, but I had to laugh at the pictures of Israel with marks all over! Now, if he were a little girl, he would be giving all the dolls "war paint" instead of himself. I think I'd rather have it on the child, as long as it's not permanent. It's easier to take care of children skin than doll skin!