Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wow, what a week! Last weekend, the weekend of the 9th-11th, Mom and Dad and Quentin came out from VA to visit and help ready our house to sell, and we had a wonderful time, as usual, and got SO MUCH done!!!! The exterior looks awesome; we mulched and got the front window painted, and Quentin edged the flower bed. Dad took up the nasty old carpets in our bedrooms, and we have nice hardwood in there now that was under the carpets. Mom helped me get the kitchen ready – it was just SO productive.

Little Blue-Eyes with his Grandma

Cuddle-books with Granddaddy

Buddy Boy and his Uncle Quentin

THEN, the same Sunday they left, I drove to Ohio to meet my ol’ pal Candice (Rhodes) Mast, and we drove together to Goshen, IN to see Carmen Rhodes-Showalter so we could spend some quality friend time together before Candice leaves for 3 years in Thailand in August, and Carmen for five years in Morocco in December(?). My friends are gittin' around. We had a GREAT time, staying up very very late to jabber long into the night.

I came back on Tuesday evening, and we left Wednesday morning at about 5:45 AM to go to Flushing, OH for a series of chiropractor appointments for Gabriel, and came back Saturday evening. Phew. We had a good time in Ohio, though. This was the week of our fifth anniversary. Happy anniversary, us! The last 3 days we were in New Philadelphia, OH, which was basically in Amish country – right near Holmes County.

Gabe and Daddy feeding the ducks and the nosy Canadian interlopers at Tuscawana Park in St. Clairesville, OH.

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