Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good Boy

Gabriel did a very good job in church today. We only had to go out one time. He happily played with his markers, his notepad, his trucks, etc. up until it was time for the sermon, then he decided that he was done and was going to go to the nursery. :) We went our for a little "reminder" session, and got a book from the library, and he did very well for the remainder of the service, especially when a compassionate grandma from the row ahead of us discreetly passed us a cool little magnet set.

Ahhh...I will be glad when this adjustment phase is over for him. It's just stressful - his learning, our learning...

I had some cute moments with the boys last week. Thursday evening, Tim was gone, and Israel was still recovering from being sick, and was very cranky and tired around 8 PM, so I laid him down, then sat on the couch with Gabe to read some books. When we got done, I said "Now it's time to go brush teeth!" Gabe turned sideways in my lap and laid his head on my chest.

"I need you to hold me," he said, and snuggled up.

"Hold you to go brush your teeth?" I asked.

He nodded and said yes, and then a few seconds later I took a closer look and he was fast asleep. :) He fell asleep so fast!! :) I carried him back to his bed and tucked him under his blankets and he didn't even stir.

Then, Cranky Dude Israel had decided that he wasn't ready for bed after all. So I lugged him back up (with a sigh and a roll of my eyes), and he fussed and puttered around for another half hour, laid him down again, still wouldn't go to sleep. I got him up, plopped him on the couch in front of his Steve Green DVD with a cheese stick and some clementine slices - and he had a GREAT time. :) He always seems to sense when he is up past his bedtime, and is obviously thrilled. He made me laugh out loud, watching him with his fuzzy hair and shadowed eyes, swinging his legs back and forth off the end of the couch, chewing his cheese stick, scooping up his orange slices, and giving me these delighted little cheesy grins and happy noises. ADORABLE.

Later, after he finally went down, I puttered around doing things like fixing their makeshift curtains, figuring out the right lights to leave on, adjusting the heaters in their rooms, and felt a great swell of satisfaction. It reminded me of the same feeling some people must have looking at their well tended garden. I am a happy baby tender. :)

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Carolyn said...

Thanks for keeping us in touch with you and your children's adjustments to moving. Tell Gabe Nana Carol is proud of his good behavior at church and that Nana Carol wishes she could sit beside him in church. Nana Carol is praying for all of you.