Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 Months

* Will pull up to standing and then let go, or remaining standing by himself when you place him on the floor for 5-10 seconds before sitting down.

*Usually wakes once a night to eat

*Takes two naps, one longer, one shorter

*Generally only sucks his thumb when he is going to sleep. Also likes to hold a blanket against his cheek while he is sucking his thumb. Cuteness pie.
*Really playing a lot with Israel. Israel really enjoys him, and it's sort of intriguing how much they can already play. Zion just LOVES to play.

*Is very content generally when he is with me. That makes him pretty easy to take to the beach; he just plays right around me, or climbs around on me, or pats my leg, or pulls up on my shirt, and doesn't try to hightail it off to far away places.
Mommy neeeeeeeed...

*Is very playful. Just a little bit ago, I was sitting with him on the floor, and he took off on a bee-line straight to where the electrical cords are for the computer. About halfway there, he hurriedly sat down and turned around to look at me with a completely mischevious look on his face, gave me a big grin, and then resumed his speedy crawl. After a few more crawls, he sat down again, looked at me grinnily, and when I warned him, he crowed with glee and turned around. He just thought that was great. Skunk.

*Has started in the past few days to use his arm to point, with his hand outstretched.

*He's a leaner. He will lean his forehead into your head, or lean his body into you when he wants some cuddles or kisses.

*Still has four teeth, with another trying to come through.
Still making his cheese faces... :)

*Still in size 4 diapers and is in 9-12 and 12 month clothes.
*Has been going to the nursery at church during the worship service for about two months now. He was getting too squwerky in the service.

*Likes to chew on straws and chewy sippy cup lids.
*Likes to drink water out of a sippy cup.

*Really likes his fruit and oatmeal in the morning. He likes fruit a lot; not always so big on other things. Still breastfeeding.

*Has a happy crow/shriek.

*LOVES to get into the dog food and water bowl, which is HIGHLY annoying to his mommy. He will hustle up to the water bowl, put it into a hasty park, scritch happily around in the bowl with his fingers, and lurch back to give me a wide-eyed "Who, me?"look.

*His hair is FINALLY starting to grow in, and is blond with maybe some red in it, and curls in the back.
*Gets a lot of comments on how mild and content he is.


Timothy Miller said...

Shure is mild and content.

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

I LOVE the photos you posted!!!!! Can you e-mail me some of them in a larger format so that I can print them up here? I have some really cute ones of Gabe, but I want to print up some of Israel and Zion to put up around the house.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of zion in the car. What a cutie! I wish our boys (zion, silas and luke) could play together. It would be fun to see them together at this stage. Love ya, Carmen

good_to_be_home said...

He is so cute!