Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This morning Gabriel was in a book reading mood. As in "mommy-read-books" mood. Mommy was in a "vegitate-zombie-like-on-the-couch-while-yawning-hugely" mood. But I always try to read to him when he asks, so... Several renditions of "Oh, David!" and "Mr. Brown can MOO, can you?" and "Babytalk" later, I was ready for a change of book scenery. Gabriel likes to read the same book repeatedly. Try this out for fun: "Splish-splash. Nice dolly. Toesies. Mine. Yum-yum. Tickle-tickle. Doggy. Kiss. Sleepy-bye. Peekaboo. Look. Pat-a-cake. All gone. Upsy-daisy. Bye-bye." Mmmmm. Makes you just want to settle down with a good baby book, huh?

So I revved up my keister and decided to push Gabe to the library in the jogging stroller. Let's just say this mommy is a mite out of shape. I huffed and I puffed and got that quarter-mile completed. :) Gabe liked the library. I haven't taken him for a while, because he likes familiar books usually better.

So guess which one of the 13 or so books he wanted to read 5 times in a row after we got back? What Do Trucks Do? "The loader picks up and carries. The backhoe can dig and dig. The dump truck loads and unloads. The tractor trailer carries a rig. The bull-dozer pushes things out of its way. The mixer can spin and pour. The crane can reach high places. Trucks do all this - and more!" Huge yawn. I'm going back to the zombie-like stance on the couch now. Wake me if any intellectual stimulation comes my way...

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Aimee said...

Yeah, I know, I can get kinda picky about which book's I'll read to them. :)