Monday, May 15, 2006

Sick Baby

Well, potty training is off for today - Gabriel and I had to skip church yesterday because he was sick (croupy cough, fever, lethargic), and we missed getting the "doll-baby-that-pees". :) I might wait until Gabe is a bit more back to normal, too. He's mostly there, but still a bit off.

We had a fun Saturday night. We went to McDonald's to let Gabriel play on the playland, but unfortunately the playland is outside and it was rainy and cold. So we just enjoyed some oh-so-healthy morsels of food, and then we went to Graeter's for ice-cream with Tim's friends Jon and Sam. Gabriel really enjoyed that ice-cream experience. He was pretty lethargic, with his fever, but happy to be held. Then we went to the pet store so Gabe could see all the "wish" (fish) and birds and mice and gerbils and "woo-woo's" (doggies) and "kie-kie's". He really liked that a lot.

This morning I thought it was funny, because I put a kid's CD on for Gabriel, with lots of songs like "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands", and "Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around, teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground", etc. that you can do movements to, and so I was jumping all around shaking my foot and running around the cobbler's bench and all that, and Gabe was sitting on the couch with this appalled look on his face, like "what in the world has taken over my mother..??" :) :)

Here's another cutie-pie picture...

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