Monday, July 24, 2006

Crab Apples

Today little Crab Apple crabbed and crabbed when I went to get him up from his nap. He tossed himself crankily back and forth on the floor, fussing and groaning, until I finally figured out he wanted to go back into his crib. He hustled right up to his pillow and crabbed for his blankets, and then asked for milk. Whereupon he lounged back and drank his milk, and I left him alone for another 15 minutes. Then he was ready to get up. Silly boy.

I'm feeling rather crabby myself. I am so much achier with this pregnancy than with Gabriel. My body calls these "timeouts" on me - here I am productively trundling along on my day off, getting some good stuff done, and one leg says to one pelvis "Say, Bob, you ready for a break?" And Bob agrees, and they walk me off to a chair and sit me down, protesting. Seriously, I have mental energy, but my body says "Um, OK, you're done." It's a little frustrating. I know you're supposed to "listen to what your body is telling you" - but I have so much stuff to get done!!!! Today was my day off after 4 days of work and a Sunday (Sundays are pretty non-productive, with church and naps), and I was telling Tim how working so much leaves me feeling sort of agitated on my days off, like I have to cram in relaxation, time with Gabriel, and productivity. And, as Tim put it, you can either relax OR spend time with Gabriel. But I had a good mix of all three today, because I actually had energy - which was nice. My last pregnancy, I was like - what is everybody talking about, "feeling miserable"? This time I'm like - Errrrrr - I have how many more months?

One more thing about Gabe - he absolutely LOVES a DVD Tim bought him called "The Adventures of Milo and Otis". He refers to it as "woo-woo, kie-kie" Milo is a cat, and Otis is a pug dog, and they have all sorts of adventures with all sorts of animals, with all sorts of cheesy dialogue. But he is fascinated. He provides a running commentary "ohh, man.....oh, fah (fall)...wah (water)" Gabe's current concept of imminent danger is the threat of falling. The possibility of something falling is the "oh man!!!" of his existence. The tension!! The uncertainty!! The kitty might fall, and we are on pins and needles.

Lynette, by the way, I showed Gabriel the last newsletter from you and Rusty that we got in the mail, and Gabe is totally into the picture on the front with all the little Thai children. He had a full conversation about it today - I don't think I really understood anything, but he had plenty to say, nonetheless. We reminded him about Aunt Lynette and Uncle he should be a little clued in next time he sees you. :)

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