Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Month Later... :)

Weeelll...it's been a long time. This has been a very busy month!!! I have been working overtime while Tim has a month off of school to try to get ahead in preparation for this baby coming up here soon. In about 3 weeks, I will already be in my third trimester - it goes so fast!! The baby is growing good - I am measuring bigger with this one than with Gabe, so I'm curious how much bigger he will be.

Gabe is just a' sproutin' up. He is such a little solid chunk now. He is just saying new words all over the place. He still loves his "dwum" - his drumsticks.

These next two pictures are two Mom sent me that I thought were so cute - this was Dad and Gabe getting ready to go on a final golf-cart ride one night; Gabe sort of NEEDS to go on those rides when he is there - he is rather insistent upon it! I liked the hats, myself.

This is Gabe and Emmy standing in the window at Mom and Dad's when we were there over Easter. Gabe knows all about Emmy, and talks about her when he sees her picture. I think that's cute.

This last picture is from last week - we spent about a day and a half with Grandpa Norm and Grandma Carol. This was some quality time with Grandma Carol while Gabriel gave it his best to fit in that little doll chair. He liked that chair over Christmas, and still likes it, although he barely fits. But he will WORK to make it fit. The bench, ennhhh - just isn't the same, see.

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