Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We had a great weekend last week when Ama Carol and Papa Norm and Aunt Lynette and Uncle Rusty came to visit from IN and Chicago. We had a very good time just spending time together.

This was the first that Gabe had seen Lynette and Rusty since they left for Thailand last August (?) I believe. He loved having everybody there – he could hardly contain himself at times! Aunt Lynette and Ama Carol introduced him to the world of hand puppets – he now has a tiger one and a crazy red fuzzy bird one that squeaks and it’s tongue rolls out. Gabe was just not too sure about these new developments – they were a bit alarming. It took a while before he would come close to them.

He could also hardly go down for a nap. It took a soothing read by Uncle Rusty to put him fast asleep.

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