Friday, December 08, 2006

Scenes from a Busy Week

Sick boys. (Note to the germ conscious - Israel is not lying next to a nasty tissue. That is an Israel-drool tissue. Just for the record.)

Hasn't he changed so much! He is getting so big! By the way, for a truly delightful experience, kiss the area right where his cheek and neck meet his chest and shoulder. It is all softness and sweetness.

Below: Gabe reads himself a bedtime story.

Tim often holds Israel to sleep at night.

Chocolate smeared tub boy.

So that's us for the week.

1. Israel has been smiling and cooing responsively a lot this week. He is 7 weeks old this week.
2. Israel rolled from his side to his stomach at 6 weeks. I had laid him on his side facing one way and heard a lot of grunting, and when I checked on him he was on his stomach facing the other way, with both hands free. I was very surprised! :)
3. Gabe keeps saying more and more new words, and talks in short sentences. He always refers to himself in the third person. "Gab'wl get choc'late? Gab'wl take bath?" The other day I saw him laying on the rug, with a little taxi car in his one hand running it repeatedly up to his nose and saying "Car get nose. Car get nose. Car get nose. Car get nose. Car ouchie nose. Car ouchie nose. Car ouchie nose. Car ouchie nose." :) That's how he talks. He repeats everything about 7 times. He is big on the ouchie concept. "Gab'wl ouchie? Momma ouchie? Co'e (Chloe) ouchie? Schoolbus ouchie?" Ever since he got those vaccinations the other week, he is convinced that pants are ouchie.
4. Gabe does this cute little thing when he's asking for something that he wants that he's not sure we're going to let him have. He raises his eyebrows and makes his eyes big and sort of thrusts his head forward and hunches his shoulders, and then asks his question really hopefully. It makes you smile.


Elaine said...

Funny how opposite our babies are. I've discovered how much Anna hates being held (or even having me in the room) while trying to go to sleep. I think she can even smell me, because she seems to know I'm in the room even when she can't see me.

Carrie said...

I know, it really is interesting. I also think it is weird that even though Israel loves to be held, he hates carriers. You would think he would be the perfect "attachment parenting" style baby, which is what a lot of those carriers are linked to, but he says "blood, sweat, and tears only, please!" :) And I know what you mean about them smelling you - I have thought that before, too, about Israel.

Angela said...

Ah, yes, I remember the repeating. Especially if I didn't respnd directly to Julia's question she'd repeat it over and over again. The third person also sounded familiar. It took Julia a while to figure out the "I's" and "you's". Don't you just love "hearing" them think?