Saturday, February 09, 2008

These Days

These days I just can't get enough cilantro. Oh wait. Never mind. It makes me want to vomit.

The other night, I hurriedly ordered hot and sour soup and fried doughnuts from the Chinese restaurant five minutes before they closed, and devoured the entire bowl along with those fried crunchy fat things that I normally scorn.

These days, my dreams are vivid, and I am tired.

These days, every time I pee on a stick it tells me I am pregnant.


It would almost make you think we're having our third baby.


Naomi said...

Congratulations! I get such a vicarious thrill out of reading prego-Mommy blogs. Hope you're feeling well!

heidi rhodes said...

WHAT? i had to read this 3 times before i was like huh shes not joking. Congratualtions! how thrilled you all must be! i look forward to reading all about your pregnancy woes and thrills. hope you have a very safe and happy 9 months. =)

Anonymous said...

Once again, let me say how happy I am for you and how thrilled I am that we're pregnant at the same time. Love you! Candice

Anonymous said...

Congrats again, Carrie! (And I can't help but say "better you than me!") Truthfully, I think you're a wonderful mother and will cherish this new life God has given you. Praying for a safe and joyful pregnancy! Angelina

kdurec said...

Congratulations! You are a very brave woman to be ready for number 3! :) Braver than I, anyway. :) Happy 9 months!

Kyle Cullum said...

congratulations from another family with 3...loved the way you wrote the news...and get rested now...practice a lot of deep breathing and daily thank yous because you are in for a ride...its tough to be outnumbered, but as it has been with the other 2 it is still fun to watch them grow and awesome to enjoy them when they all get along.

Cottonista said...

Hey, pregnant lady!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Pamper yourself as often as you're able before you're a busy mom of 3! Hope your pregnancy goes well...we'll be praying for a safe and healthy one again!

Melody Stuckey said...

I love the way you announced it! We're thinking about you! I hope you find more things that sound good, apparently nothing with cilantro. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! I hope you aren't feeling too yuck and can find time to sneek in some naps :). I just peed on a stick and heaved a great sigh of relief that was neg. . this momma is not quite ready for # 3 :). Jan

Anonymous said...

UUU la la . . . Congrats! - Aimee

Melissa said...

omg congratulations! i do wonder ... how many sticks have you peed on, and what kind? are you, like, wandering around the yard peeing on sticks? i hope so because that would be hilarious. i shall assume that's exactly what you've been doing and that it's making your dog upset.

Carrie said...

Naomi - HEY!!! Nice to hear from you!! Thanks a lot!

Heidi - Thanks! I'll keep checking for any news on your blog. :) Heh heh.

Candice - Me too. I can't wait to see us waddling around pregnant when you come home.

Angelina - Thanks very much. I'll wait to hear some surprise news from you. :)

Katie - Thanks! :) You enjoy your cutie little girl - FOR SURE you wouldn't be ready for another one yet.

Michelle - Thanks. Sounds like you are someone I should seek sanity advice from. :) I was very glad to hear about the couple you guys might be able to have help with Prema sometimes. Makes me breathe a sigh of relief for you. Everybody needs a break sometimes. Especially me. :)

Joyce - Hey yourself, pregnant lady! :)

Sylvia - Ooooh...pamper myself. Sounds great. I'm dropping the kids off with you and heading off to a spa! Thanks! :) Hope you're feeling ok yourself!

Melody - Thanks. Yes, no need to worry - I've been finding lots and lots of things that go down REAL good...I'm ravenous girl these days.

Janice - I know what you mean. For a while I was absolutely NOT ready for a third one - and then all of a sudden I was. I got a little jealous of Joyce, I think. :)

Aimee - Thanks! :) I'm following fast in your footsteps, I think...but I just can't quite seem to catch up! :)

Melissa - Gobs. Gobs and gobs of sticks, and yes, they are all OVER the yard. The dog is a mess, a mass of worriedness, and just doesn't know what on earth to do with herself. We're hoping I get myself together here one of these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to get a chance to see you this summer and to feel the baby kick :) We definately have to plan something while we're home in July. I hope you're not too nauseated and that you're able to satisfy all of the cravings, at least the sane ones. Love you, Carmen

Elaine said...

Oh yay, someone else to be pregnant with! Congratulations! When is the D-day, or did I miss that.