Monday, February 04, 2008


Teary baby.

This is how we've been spending our Sunday afternoons recently. Sacked out on the couch bed, munching fast food we picked up on the way home from church, this time watching the Super Bowl pre-game, while Israel naps. Sort of nice, actually.


Today I gave Gabe some fresh raspberries, which I figured he would really like. His initial enthusiasm died down a bit to a dubious picking apart of the berry, which he eventually handed back to me, and stated, "I don't yike it."

I was very surprised. "You don't like the raspberries? Really?"

His head was still shaking no. "I don't yike it. I - I think it still has legs."

:) :) :)

He was talking about the little fuzzy seed things or whatever they are on raspberries. It made me laugh out loud. He still wouldn't eat them, though.


Melody Stuckey said...

I love it! I always thought those little "hairs" look kind of weird too. Very cute!

Lynette Polinder said...

How funny is that little guy!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE traditions like that (the sofa bed and fast food on Sundays). My favorites are pizza and nature shows on Fridays and shrimp and Survivor with Tom. Good to be lazy sometimes. Are you packing for the big move?

heidi rhodes said...

hey just stopped by i havent stopped in in awhile. i love the raspberry story those littlw hairs always unnerved me to. sounds like you all had a great trip to deleware. now where you are moving to will it be closer to va than where you are now? love the house your renting by the way. it looks so cute and cozy