Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On The Road AGAIN!!!!!!!

We hit the road again this weekend to go house hunting in Delaware.
This is how Israel felt about that. :) Or, at least, the constrained in the car-seat bit of it.

We also indulged in a wonderful thing known as "dropping the kids off with the grandparents", which we do not generally have the luxury of doing. We got to VA on Friday, spent the night there, then Tim and I left early Saturday morning to speed off to Delaware, whilst the dear children slumbered on peacefully.

We did find a house, thanks to Weston Yutzy. Thanks, Weston.... This is it. We're renting it for a year. Me likey.
So here's some "pitchers" from the week. Enjoy.
Fun times reading with Grandma.
Getting ready to go outside with Granddaddy.
Virginia Tech Boy. :)

Israel could hardly contain himself when it was HIS turn to go exploring with Granddaddy.
He could hardly sit still long enough to get his coat on, and then he was all about the door the door the door. Gotta go, Granddaddy. He loves to go outside.
Getting some expert training on golf cart driving.

This was all while Big Brother Gabe was zonked out on the couch, exhausted from a hard morning of being Granddaddy's Little Helper. Man, that Granddaddy works those boys hard!!
The boys also got to eat with Great Grandma Lou on Sunday.
Down time, with feet crossed and hands together.
We actually had a great time in Delaware. We stayed with Allan and Aileen Warfel, ate seafood with Weston and Stephanie Yutzy at Rehoboth Beach, and enjoyed an entire night not having to wake up for the one year old, the three year old, or the dog. Of course, I woke up anyways, savored the fact I did not have to pull my sleepy body out from under my warm covers, and promptly went back to sleep. After church in the morning, we ate some luscious pizza with friends at Grotto's Pizza, and exited stage left to zip home. Mid zip, we buzzed in quickly to Arlington to see one of my very best friends, Emily, who I had laid nary an eye on for 4 long years. She was just as gorgeous as I remembered her. :) And then we zoomed off again to see the Little Fellers I left at home. I missed them already. They did great with Grandma and Granddaddy, and scarcely noticed their parents were missing. I don't blame them.

Anywho. Another box checked off before moving. House to live in. Check.


Anonymous said...

Yay for a house to live in and yay for Grotto's Pizza. Isn't it YUMMY? Guess what? I saw my baby today! :) Candice

Melody Stuckey said...

The house looks really nice - so glad it worked out! I loved the pics.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, I still get excited whenever I think about our cute little visit the other day. Thanks for the surprise. :) And I like the house! It looks bigger than the one you are in now?? I loved the pic of Gabe on the couch with his hands folded, by the way.

Cottonista said...

Carrie, aren't you so glad for grandparents?! How nice that you and Tim got a mini weekend away while looking for your house! And that you got to see Emily!! I look forward to hearing how the big move goes.