Friday, January 18, 2008

La La Land

When I get tired, my brain goes down strange paths. I spend long minutes seriously contemplating ideas that would make people look at me askance if they knew, and wonder how I stumbled into dementia at such a young age.

For instance.

Last night after a particularly insane day of work, followed by the energetic business of gathering two young children and shooing them off to bed, I was in serious crash mode on the couch. The clock kept ticking by, and I wanted to go to bed, but I didn't want to have to expend all the energy it took to get there. I began daydreaming of how wonderful it would be if I could simply press a button on a remote, and a piece of the couch would lift up, come off the couch, go put me in the bathtub, get me ready for bed, and then return to it's original resting place. And I would never have to have budged through the entire process.

Or today, when I had another weariness wave sweep over me mid-afternoon, and I hit the couch again, eventually propping myself up at a 90 degree angle to gaze unseeingly at Word Girl flying around in her red cape, and I entered a wistful imaginary world where I could sit glued to the couch all afternoon and well into the evening, tucked under my warm blanket with the heater directed straight at me on HI, warming my cold little bones, while the housekeeper rustled busily in my messy kitchen, putting things back in order, and bringing me hot English Breakfast tea, and a varied assortment of savory hot and cold poppers and little ham salad sandwiches with the crusts cut off and some yummy yummy cheese ball on crackers....

Now that I think about it, while she was at it, maybe she could install that handy couch contraption I was thinking of earlier.

I'll have to go talk to her about it. I think she's scrubbing the bathroom floor right now. Life is good here in La La Land.

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