Thursday, January 10, 2008


The other night our friend Sam came over. Israel was deeply thrilled. He thought Sam was even more fascinating than Mommy, which is really saying something these days. He talked to Sam, and showed books to Sam and had a generally gleeful experience being swung to and fro. Gabe had to cram his own Sam time in.
We will miss Sam. Sam is freshly and finally engaged to Amber Leslie (just had to include the second name because I like the combo :)) and we are all very happy for them, and are looking forward to attending their wedding this summer..... we drive from Delaware.....

.....where we will be living!!! Yaaaaaayy!!

I keep forgetting to blog about this, so everybody probably already knows this by now. Tim has accepted a pastoral position at Cannon Mennonite Church in Seaford, DE. We will be moving in the middle of February, if anyone is interested in helping sort through my bathroom cabinet and behind my stove. :) And underneath my refrigerator. Could be some exciting things to be found.

Anywho. I've been really looking forward to leaving and starting a new phase of life, being able to stay home with the boys, seeing Tim able to do what he so enjoys. I was musing on my way into work this morning - leaving is also saying goodbye to parts of life we have really enjoyed. Allergens, rainy winters, drivers who drive side by side 8 miles below the speed limit....ahhh, Kentucky.

Kentucky is where Tim and I had our first little home together.
It's where Tim graduated from college.
And seminary!
It's where we bought our little Snooch to be a fill-in baby
Which soon gave way to a real baby
And then another one!
It's where I have gotten almost 7 (!!!!) years of nursing under my belt.
It's where we bought our first house.
It's where we've gotten to know and love new people, made new friends, deepened old friendships, lived through the good and bad of life, and have been happy.
Asbury friends
Joycie and me
Wayne and Melody
Pregnant (with Israel) with 5 other people at church
Carmen and Candice
Church friends Tracy and Kathy

(Jon, I'll miss you too if you stop by anytime soon - but you won't because you don't read my blog, you punk.)


Anonymous said...

No way!! I hadn't heard about this! That's GREAT! So where is Seaford DE? I'd love to hear more about it. So happy for you . . . Angelina

Anonymous said...

It's fun reminiscing :) I loved the pictures of you and Tim, your newborns and that crazy night that we were at your house, apparently eating pizza in our pajamas. I miss you chica! I'm excited about your move and can't wait to hear who volunteers to help you discover wonderful things under your fridge. Love ya, Carmen

Sam said...

I'm going to miss you guys too...As will Amber.

I love that picture of all the boys from back in the Asbury days. Wow!

amber said...

Great blog Carrie!!! Now that my internet is working I can send you the picture you have been wanting.

Corinna said...

Well said.