Friday, January 18, 2008

Catching Up

And now for random updates.

The boys keep on growing, as boys do. :) Israel is 15 months old, and a brawny little bruiser. He can take a lickin' and keep on tickin' - and Gabe can be counted on to administer PLENTY of lickin's and head butts and loving tackles and territory-protecting shoves. Sometimes Israel gets hurt, but usually he doesn't. It just takes a lot of supervising these days. The couch is a particularly dangerous area, because Israel can climb up there and has tried to crawl off the arms of the couch, topples backward from the couch cushions to the floor - things that make your heart seize with terror and cause lots of preventative lunging.


Gabe has an imaginary friend named Maddie, who is a little girl. I used to have an imaginary friend, too, when I was his age, named Tomeek. Mom wondered aloud if I thought it was a guardian angel, but I stated that if that were true, I doubted that we could accidentally leave her in the minivan after a shopping trip and have to go back out to get her. :) Gabe has to look for her, and has to tell her how it is. He was getting her ready to take a bath with him the other day, and then was putting her coat on today before we left for an errand.


One of the most common statements I hear about Israel is that he is "such a SWEETHEART!!!" He really is. He has these bright little eyes, a big delighted smile, and chubby wittle cheekies kiss'em kiss'em. He's so sturdy and squeezy. He currently has the cutest little walk, where he waddles along on the front part of his feet, sort of tilting forward. He also does this adorable thing where he reaches up to be held and sort of waggles his hands around. Sigh. I'm smitten. With both of those cutie patooties.


One of our favorite activities of late is, after releasing Chloe into the wilds of the outdoors to go do her bidness, to affect a wistful British accent and say "And that was the last we ever saw of Chloe", or "And so she walked out of our lives, forever." :) Snicker. Oddly enough, though, she keeps returning. Must be the highchair loot.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaah, it was good to get caught up on Carrie's World. And La La Land. A maid to bring me likey! I'm wiped out from cleaning right now so I can relate to fantasies of just being done. Hey, I want to talk to you...if you see me on-line say hey! Candice

Anonymous said...

Wow. . now that was an update!! I can totally relate to the need for excessive supervising. There is much tussling, rolling, tackling, "hugging", and hollering of "mommy, Brian got my tractors" (followed by wails from little brother). Aaahhh, life with 2 boys :). Great to hear from you. . and happy packing!! Jan

Kyle Cullum said...

hey carrie sounds exactly the same as life with our boys Isaac and Eli. we've thought a few times how interesting it would be to see Isaac and Gabe together. Hopefully that could happen at sam's wedding.

Anonymous said...

I've just been catching up with you this morning. My big congratulations on the new camera--definitely something worth celebrating. Looks like it's doing a great job so far! And yay for Ebay lenses. I am so loving the lens we bought from Ebay. The poor person who used it before must not have known what a gem they were selling. And congratulations on having a place to settle in!


Cottonista said...

And what quality of maid would leave you soaking in the tub, forgetting to scoop you out, moisturize your skin, take out your contacts and tuck you into bed for the night? You oughta fire her.

Anonymous said...

Did you sell your house yet?
Aunt Kathy