Monday, January 07, 2008

30 Years Old

January 7(ish), 1978 0 years oldJanuary 7, 2008 30 years oldOddest thing, that. Me turning 30. I remember when my mom turned 30.
(She was still 29 here, but you get the general idea. Hey, look, I could have had AT LEAST 2 kids that age now if I had been on the ball. Time is a'WASTING!!!, I can see.)

Anywho, the point being here is that apparently time has been marching on. The unnerving thing is that if the next 10 years go as fast as the last 10, I will be screeching in on 40 in a few months. (Large worried eyes here.)

We celebrated the big 3-0 fairly calmly, with lots of sleep for Mommy, a Kroger rotisserie chicken (Lemon Herb, if you wondered) with mustard egg potato salad, cranberry relish and french bread (NONE of it homemade, thank you very much) and iced tea. Half Pint Helper and I blew out my three sputtering candles together.
After a balmy day (69 degrees!!!!!), we had a blessed blessed babysitter for the PM and scurried off into the night towards Indian food
and some shopping, where my birthday bought me a shirt for $2.48
and a beauteous nice light spring purse,
which Tim has informally dubbed "Very Ugly". I content myself with the knowledge that he knows all of Squat about such things, and continue serenely on in my beautiful new purse ownership.

We returned home to find BOTH CHILDREN ASLEEP IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (blessed blessed babysitter Emily and thank you LORD!!!) and Tim has tucked himself into a movie and I am happily pounding away on the computer.

The twenties were good. Off to the thirties, which are the supposed new twenties....???


Anonymous said...

So many things I love...where to begin??? WEll, first of all, YOU! Happy Birthday again and lots of love. Also, must mention my love of your big shiney round earrings and your fabulous purse...Tim does indeed know squat. It's totally cute. A new shirt and a new purse. That's happiness right there. And a Nikon of course. That looks like a lot of fun too. I'm glad you had a happy little day. I can't believe we're over 30 either- I still think of that as some generation above my head. Hmmmmm. I'm 31. 5 so maybe I should be getting used to it by now. Anyway, you look 29 at the oldest. :) Candice

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! You really do need to get on that kid thing. Two's hardly enough at 30. :D

When did they rename the Kashmir?

Lynette Polinder said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!!! I LIKE that purse by the way, so you can tell Tim to can it. I can't believe how much your baby picture looks like Gabe when he was that little. Craziness.

Anonymous said...

Way to go. . glad you could join the ranks of us old folks :)! It sounds like you had a great day. . . although you weren't marched out of a restaurant blindfolded and holding a big black "30" balloon, driven all around town and made to get out and swing blinfolded at the park:)(that was courtesy of Joyce Lynette and my other sister-in-law). Happy Birthday! Janice

Cottonista said...

..and then placed in a comfy sofa with a nice drink and chick flick options, Janice, are we forgetting??! But the swing ride was too cute.

Carrie, happy birthday a day late! 30's been OK for me so far (all one week of it.)

heidi rhodes said...

okay i have so much to say. first happy 30th birthday. and how much fun that you got to go out on the town for it. yea for babysitters. you look so pretty in your 30th picture with tim to. not a day over 29. i loved the picture of you and quentin with your mom. she must have been pretty young when she started you guys. and dont listed to tim i like your birthday purse and wish i had one like it. very fashionable, altho you cant really go by what i say as i have no idea what really is fashionable. i like it tho. hope you have a great 30th year. take care heidi

heidi rhodes said...

wow did not mean to sound so much like candice i did not read the comments before i posted. guess great minds think alike...=)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You look beautiful and so happy despite the scary number. This year, every day I take a second look in the mirror and say to myself, "Really? 30? must be a bad bad dream.." Anyway, I love the new camera and you are doing such a great job with it so far. Have fun and talk to you soon!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Isaac and I have speed scrolled through your blog and Tim's looking for the video clip of Gabe drumming the pots and pans. We want to watch it over and over and over again. Can you help?

Sandy and Isaac

Carrie said...

Hey Sandy! I'll see if Tim knows which one it is and will have him email it to you! :) Hi Isaac!