Monday, June 30, 2008


Tonight I picked up one of McDonald's new lattes that they now serve. They serve them free on Monday, but I missed that part, and agreeably paid the money they charged me. Not so bright. A fact you will continue to see illustrated.

I took a swig, got no coffee, and felt a mild/moderate stomach pain which I ignored. Deeper swig this time, swinging the cup up more, and slurped a little harder. Still no coffee, and the stomach pain was pretty substantial. I'm a mite slow on the uptake. It still took me a bit of confused looking to realize I was pouring the hot coffee out of the space between the cup and the loose lid directly onto my stomach. Oooowwwwwcch.

Dude. My friends must love me for more than my brain.

(I had to turn around and go home to change my drenched shirt. The coffee was pretty tasty once I finally figured out how to get it in my mouth.)


Anonymous said...

You are so funny--just as I remember you. Hi Carrie! This is Angie (Keller) Toole. So neat to see you with two (and one on the way!) boys and all married and grown up. ;-) I haven't seen you since High School, I think. I'd love to catch up somehow--email maybe?

In Him~
angie keller toole

Carrie said...

HEY!!! How are you? I saw, "Angie Keller", and I thought - surely not the only Angie Keller I know! I actually think of you from time to time and wonder what you are doing now. I'd love to hear from you - Thanks so much for saying hi!!!

Lynette Polinder said...

How funny. Funnier that even despite the pain you were feeling at the start, you kept going in for more.

Melissa said...

VERY funny and soooo something I would do ... if I liked coffee.