Thursday, July 03, 2008

Boys and Me

Yesterday Israel and I were pointing to facial features. "Where's your nose, baby boy?" I asked. He grinned happily and put his finger right up his nostril, where it lodged for a happy while.

This morning when Israel got up I parked him in front of a baby animal video and snuck back into bed, leaving him mooing, quacking (kak-kak-kak), and meowing (neow! neow!) at the screen.

Gabe is so cute at night when we tell him stories. He is FILLED with stories, up to the brim, and excitedly starts each session "Tell me a story about...", and then he is off, his eyes excitedly looking around in storyland, arms whirling and whipping around in illustration. Unable to stay down on his pillow, he keeps popping up as the story goes on. I usually can't keep my grin off and and have to pull the little whirl-a-gig story teller over to give him neck and cheek kisses. He's irrefutably "boy". Lately the stories have been about Wendell and Jason the race cars and how fast they are going and how there is smoke coming up from their wheels. He ends his lengthy tales with "Now, tell me that story!!"

He has been sleeping on the floor of our closet, which is a large one. We moved him there a while ago before company came to use his bedroom, and he's been there ever since. He likes it better, because he doesn't feel all alone way back the hallway. I like it better because he often wakes up in the middle of the night, wanting water or scared, and instead him getting more scared, or me trudging back and forth down the hall and thoroughly waking myself up in the process, I can deal with the problem at hand and crawl back into bed. He also likes if he can see us when he is going to sleep, or if we are in the room having a (quiet) conversation, he will go right to sleep. Recently he has been creeping out with his dinosaur blanket to lay by my chair as I'm at the computer, where he falls fast asleep. I let him do that as long as he is quiet and lies still - it seems he just gets a lot of comfort from the company.

Am I the only 30 year old female out there who feels vaguely insulted and a mite forlornly old when 20-ish year old males I come into contact with at stores CONSISTENTLY call me "Ma'am". Do I look that old? Do I look that matronly? Well, aside from the pregnant belly. Heh heh. Sigh. I just don't feel quite ready to be a ma'am yet.

My close friend Candice, who now lives in Thailand, has been in Delaware this last week, staying with her in-laws before going on to VA. We had a mah-velous time the other day going shopping and catching up. This was us in our post-shopping glory. Carmen, I can't wait to see you either!!!

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Cottonista said...

In our part of the country, clerks had better be calling you ma'am! It's a sign of respect, and it's quite rude not to. Sorry it makes you feel old. But my how respectable you are!

And I'm sorry about your coffee incident, but unfortunately, Brainy, those moments won't immediately go away after you have the baby. This smart mama wondered why in the world the Daytona 500 started so late in the evening because the track would be dark and none of the spectators could see (I felt this to be a very keen observation). Then Jason stated, with a huge grin, that they had *big lights* at the track---duh.