Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 Weeks

I went to the doctor again today. This time I took the munchkins along with me. They did pretty well, even though we had a long wait. I switched doctors. Now I'm going to have the baby at Beebe Hospital in Lewes.

Baby's HR: 153 (the doctor said 'very good!)
My BP: 92/70
Fundal Height: 'you're measuring right on!'
Weight gain: 20.2 pounds

The baby's position was head down.

I really liked the new doctor I saw, even though I intend to use the nurse-midwife for delivery. He had a very good patient rapport thing. I'm supposed to get another ultrasound on August 18. That's kind of exciting. He said that it's a very very low risk, but hypothyroidism, if not managed well, can affect the baby's neurological development. So that left me feeling moderately freaked out, and I scurried hurriedly off to the lab to get my TSH drawn.

After lunch I was very crankily tired and instructed Gabe that he had to leave me alone for a while as he watched TV, and then I ZONKED out. I was SO tired. Tired enough to fall asleep, which is not usually the case. I'm really feeling that third trimester crash-ed-ness.

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