Monday, July 21, 2008

One of Those Days

Fuss fuss fuss fuss. Time for a nap. I pick him up and put him in his crib. It is 1:15 PM. One hour later he is still hopping and talking and yelling. I trudge down the hall to his room and am greeted by the smell of stankiness. Out of bed, diaper change, and he can watch the end of Baby Animals on the Farm that his brother is absorbed in.

Fuss fuss fuss screech. Back into bed. It is 2:40 PM. I give him diluted juice to make him happy and close the door. He wails a bit and then the screaming at the top of his lungs begins after the wailing doesn’t work. This is not the norm for my child-son. He’s overtired. I crankily turn off the monitor in our bedroom, but the din drifts down the hall…and keeps on going. Finally I decide that he sounds almost hysterical, so I go back into his room and crawl into his crib with him. After he settles down a bit, he begins hyper jumps up and down in the crib, giggling.


Now we’re both out of the crib. Mommy gives up. Child-son hurtles down the hall. Mommy heaves another tired sigh. She needs a break from this child. Child-son goes outside after screeching for his clothes to be removed so he can get in the kiddie pool. He plays for a while in the sandbox, and then drives the Tonka dump truck around.

Now it is 3:14 PM. Child is screaming at the top of his lungs because Tonka truck will not drive itself up the stairs. He throws himself backwards in the grass, his yelling renewed when he bangs his head on the ground. Wails wails wails screeeeeeeechhh. Mommy has had ENOUGH.

It is now 3:38 PM. Child-son is again doing his verging-on-hysteria screams in his soft padded crib in his dimly lit room, which he has been doing since his deposit there 15 minutes ago. Mommy is huddled in her chair, grimly clutching her sanity to her chest while staring blindly at the wall. She cannot think or do anything remotely meaningful until there is sleepy quiet emanating from child-son’s room. She has a lot to do because her family is traveling again in 2 days. Mostly she just wants to crawl under the covers and sleep off a busy previous week, and not deal with the needy offspring contained in her home, the eldest of which has done his own share of screeching this morning for various and sundry reasons. Other child-son is currently busy crashing his toy cars together and having conversation with them.

It is 3:57 PM. Child is asleep (at the hour he normally wakes from his nap with a cheery chirp), with only sad post-screaming hiccups issuing through the monitor, making Mommy feel vaguely sad herself. Well, the happy fest will begin again in just an hour and a half when the Mommy wakes her child prematurely from his nap because she wants him to go to sleep before 11 PM.

I think I might go bang my head against the wall now.

(Elvida, this one’s for you. Enjoy your quiet crab eating. :) )


Timothy Miller said...

Yuck. I'll be right home, babe.

Anonymous said...

wow. . . I am sorry!! I HATE days like that. I would recommend letting the gentleman who commented before me take over when he comes home :). Hope you have a better evening! Janice

Anonymous said...

You are toooo funny...altho I know it's not really!!!!!! I DO remember those days!!YUCKO! It does end, I promise...and my blog is proof! Motherhood is just tough at all stages...but yours is in the top three mostest tough I'm sure....along with the 13 year old son stage, and the leaving firstborn at kindergarten the first day stage, and the young adult broken heart stage, and the middle school catty girl stage, and the....................but there are quite a few good years in there too! And lots of SUPER MOMENTS amid the chaos ~ of which I hope you are having right now...with husband home and in charge, and you sitting in the best chair drinking some chamomile tea that is gently bringing sleep to your worn out soul! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!
That wasn't very encouraging was it? The encouragement is that look at me...I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!:)))

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was from me:) ~Elvida

kdurec said...

You and I almost had the same post title today, how interesting. I have to say, your bad day wins. :( Two sounds much more difficult!

Anonymous said...

Oh..can't believe I forgot the - 25 year old son "out there" getting ready to camp and bike in Yellowstone where the bear and wolf and bison roam freely -stage!!! Motherhood is a life sentence!!!!!!!(Wouldn't trade it for anything tho:))))))
Hope your day is MUCH better today!

heidirhodes said...

hey carrie just catching up again i wish i could connect your page to my xanga so i can see when you update =) whew it sounds like things are running rough at the miller house today i can totally sympathize with you. take comfort in knowing you are not alone in your woes, altho i guess i have things a little easier as i am not 6 months pregnant on top of everything else. and way to go fitting in the crib i dont know if id even fit in there with no pregnant belly. =) you look great by the way glad you had a fun trip to va!

Heidi Rhodes said...

oh and also i wanted to say i just love how you put yourself out there and dont paint a picture like motherhood is rosy all the time. every mom is going to have days when she is going nuts and they need to hear that they arent the only one that feels that way sometimes. =) snaps to Carrie!! =D

Kyle Cullum said...

you've been meme'd ...see my blog