Wednesday, July 09, 2008

28 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment today. Baby Boy appears just fine.

Baby's heartrate: 129
Fundal height: "right on target"
My BP: 104/78
Weight gain: 20 pounds

I simply could not believe the number on the scale. I have definitely gained more weight with this one. It makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not working outside home - usually I was doubling up on work time to try to save money for time off. If I have a baby bigger than Israel...oh my.

I asked the nurse practitioner about a rumor I had heard that you are not necessarily guaranteed an epidural if you have your baby at Milford Hospital. She looked thoughtful, and told me that I need to make sure to call the anesthesiology department during my pregnancy so they can do a consult, and that way they are "more likely" to come up to do one. "More likely"?? I wasn't very comforted by those words. It seems I have completed the full pendulum swing from "I think I'll try this one naturally" to "Epidural, please, thank you very much." I may perhaps find it worth an additional 10 or so minutes of driving in order to have my pain guaranteed to be relieved upon request. :)

On my way home, turning from Route 36 onto Route 16, a car bumped me from behind, slamming my head back into the seat, and giving me that quick fear that comes with any accident. But the car and the baby both appear fine.


Anonymous said...

Yup, I totally agree with the wt thing. I gained the least wt with Blake when I was still working full time. I'm 22wks and at last Dr appt(2 wks ago) was @ about 12lbs already. . .and since then I've been to a family reunion and then my in-laws house and food was in abundance at both places. Needless to say, I'm feeling particulary fluffy with this one and still have a ways to go. Oh, did I tell you that this one is a girl? Blake said that he thinks its awful :). Guess he thinks boys should rule at this house. Whats up with "more likely to come up" for the epidural?? I didnt' know they could refuse, unless of course there was a medical reason not to do one. I'm all about keeping my options open to ensure maximum comfort :). . so I might have to drive 10 more min. Well, little boys are requiring attention. . and in the last pics you posted, you look great. . so don't sweat the 20 lbs. . it will fall right off when you are chasing around 3 boys :). Jan

Carrie said...

Well, but if it's 20 pounds NOW, what's it going to be in another 12 weeks?? :) Glad to hear I'm not alone - are you working some still now? Joyce did tell me it was a girl, and I had to fight some feelings of "alone in boy chaos". :) That's so funny what Blake said. Gabe wanted a sister, but oh well! :) Maybe in a few years!