Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boy Bobs

Gabriel walked out of our closet the other day carrying one of my favorite skirts - a tiered green and blue twirly poufy-ish one from Thailand that Lynette gave me 2? years ago for Christmas that I can still wear while I'm pregnant. He asked, with a very inquisitive face and in a tone of sincere interest and intrigue - "Is this the first skirt you wore when you got married?"

LOL. I don't know where he got that from.

This morning we went to the park with other women from our church. The boys had a great time. I didn't get home till mid-afternoon and then had to go run more errands, then made supper. Israel did not take his nap. Neither did I take my nap. After supper I was ZONKED. I laid down a little bit, then Tim had to go to prayer meeting at church, and I sat out on the back steps with leaden arms and legs, and eyes that wanted to close, thinking - it needs to be weed-eat-ed around here, and Tim is leaving, and I guess I could do that, and I need to work on the garage, and I still need to finish cleaning out the car from our last trip, and I need to clean off the table from supper and clean up the kitchen and the house needs to be picked up and mostly I just want to lay down. Could I feel any tireder?

Gabriel walked up to me tonight with The Grinch that Stole Christmas (given to him by his Nana Carol and read to him every Christmas) and said "I bet Nana Carol could read me this book! Yeah! I bet she could!" :)

Gabriel went to help me wake the baby up from his nap the other day. Israel wasn't quite ready to get out of his crib so I went back to our bedroom and was working on the computer, and could hear the boys through the monitor. Gabriel sang to Israel, as he has been doing recently. He sang the full song of 'Jesus Loves Me' in his high little voice, then sang the chorus of 'Who Let the Dogs Out', and went into the second verse of 'Who Let the Wild Donkey Go Free' - a play on the former song. Israel thoroughly enjoyed the concert. And so did his mommy. :)


Sam said...

Ah..."who let the wild donkey's run free".... a midwest cult classic. :D

kdurec said...

I love the story of Gabe singing to Israel. So cute!

I hope that Israel gets his sleeping under control for you. :) Kendra is finally doing better with naps. The teeth seem to strike between 2 am and 5 am these days, though...