Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I feel like I've been back and forth and back and forth and back and forth to VA about 14 billion times recently and I'm ready for a rest. :) Not that all of those trips weren't well worth the scenic route.

Last weekend, we left for VA on Wednesday, deposited our children in the waiting arms of their beloved grandparents, and screeched off to Berlin, OH for the annual CMC conference, sans said chillins.

Sigh of bliss.

We ambled over the mountains on Route 33, enjoying the view and stopping at a little roadside restaurant for lunch, arriving at Jeremy and Sarah Miller's house, where we were staying, in time for supper. Tim and Jeremy are first cousins. Lynette and Rusty, my sister-in-law and her husband were there too, and later Tim's other cousin Peter came to stay. We had a great time catching up, both with them and everybody else we saw during the weekend.
Tim, his cousin Peter, and his Uncle Harold.
Tim's cousin Jeremy and Norm.
Carol and Tim's Aunt Betty.
Bethany Showalter, Rusty, and Lynette.
Hey! I know her! :) Dara, Carmen, and Lydia.
I'm gonna miss you, Carmen!!!
This was the last time we will see Lynette and Rusty for two years. We will miss you guys very very much and are very proud of what you are doing. We love you!!!

Last time we left the boys for a weekend, I suffered major boy withdrawal and missed them intensely. This time, I was ready for a break, and as busy as the weekend was, I was just sort of glad not to have to harriedly deal with my young children on top of it. They were having a happily busy time of it at Grandma and Granddaddy's. By the time we pulled in on Sunday night, though, I was thrilled to see them again. We brought them home a toy skidsteer (for Gabe) and a new red tractor (for Israel).

We got home Monday evening. Phew. Time for a traveling BREAK!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi dear- glad conference was a good, refreshing, kid-free break for you. And glad you can settle down at home for awhile now. THANK YOU for coming to VA to see us that extra time! You are an awesome friend and I loved the time with you!!! Now you have TWO excuses for a trip to Thailand!!! Candice