Friday, April 17, 2009

My Spa Haven Home

Yesterday, after I got off the phone that I had held between my shoulder and my ear, I had a major crick in my neck that really hurt!!! So this afternoon after lunch I had a hot stone massage on the lustrous hallway carpeting between the kitchen and the dining room. Except by "lustrous" I mean, "at least it was vacuumed". As for the hot stones, they were more like 98.6 degrees, and by stones I am meaning small child bodies. And by massage I am meaning "sat upon". :) Gabe sat on the small of my back and gave me little shoulder rubs, and Israel sat on my legs and busily whacked my butt, then lay back and gave me some good kicks as Zion vigorously jumped in the over-the-door jumper yearning with his entire being to grab one of our shirts and stuff them into his mouth. :) I almost forgot that I wasn't in the local spa. Maybe I should have opened a pack of wipes and sat them next to my head for some aromatherapy.

Ahhh. The luxuries of child rearing.

The nice thing is, it helped! I figured it would. Something about the weight on my back pulling things back into place.

Gabe: several thousand dollars (so far) for childbirth and upbringing
Israel: several thousand dollars (so far) for childbirth and upbringing
Free chiropractic adjustment from a total 70+ pounds of warm bodies: Priceless.


anna said...

You know what they say 'a bit of touch is better than no touch at all'

Anonymous said...

I do that all the time when my back hurts. Claire and Eliza love walking on my back and it really helps! C

Amber Cullum said...

You crack me up!!!

Sonya said...

i think this was my favorite post of yours to date! :)

Kris said...

that's so funny!

Kristin B. said...

Loved it!! You've made me laugh (as you frequently do). Maybe the boys should go into business.