Tuesday, April 28, 2009

7 Months

- Pushes himself straight up on his arms.
-Rolls from back to front and front to back
- Holding himself more uprightly when sitting on my lap, like he will be sitting on his own before too long
- Eats some food, but still mostly breast-fed. He seems less interested in food since he tried it. :)
- Sleeps well. Usually goes to sleep around 8:30 PM, and wakes once around 3 AM or so to eat, then wakes up around 7-ish AM.
- I usually lay him down awake for his naps, laying on his back. He always turns his head to the left and puts his thumb in his mouth and I lay a blanket over him that also covers that cheek that he nuzzles into. It is quite precious. :) At night I nurse him to sleep.
- Still sucks his thumb.
- Has a very friendly, happy, laid-back personality. People comment on how happy he is.
- His hair is very slowly coming in; it is, of course, blond.
- Is very insistent on flipping over when in the tub so that he can pat the water with gusto and drool excitedly over the tub stopper.
- Loves it when his brothers amuse him. He is generally very tolerant of their affection, and enjoys it.
- In size 4 diapers, and in 6-9 month clothes.
- Everyone says that he looks like Gabe and Tim. I think he looks like Gabe when facing you, but his profile really looks like Tim.
- Full of giggles and so scrumptious you just have to kiss him and kiss him and kiss him. :) Heeehhhhhh. Happy sigh. :) :)


Melody Stuckey said...

I think in that picture, he looks a lot like Tim did in his baby pictures. Mom, what do you think?

kdurec said...

He is so cute. :)

Size 4 diapers! Holy cow! :) Kendra is STILL wearing size 3. :) Those boys sure do grow fast!

Janice said...

He is sooo cute :)!!