Friday, May 01, 2009

Random Nuggets of Late

* Zion slept through the night all night last night without waking to eat from around 9:45 PM to 7 AM.

* Gabe has not talked about his imaginary friends Maddie and Bridget for several months now.

*Israel is just so endearing. He has these earnest little expressions when he asks hopeful questions, and an adorable little "aw shucks" grin. He still is without guile. Tim described him as "transparent with his emotions". If he is happy, he is pure Delight. If he is distressed, life simply could not be more miserable. :)

* Gabe had his first (to my memory) bee sting the other day. He was playing on the front steps and accidentally SAT on a bee. Oooowwwww. Wince of sympathy. He screamed/cried his head off for a few minutes, but soon calmed down and claimed that it had quit hurting. Poor guy!!

* I had a spot on my shoulder removed the other day that turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma (ie. skin cancer). The treatment was exactly what I had done, so they just referred me to a dermatologist to get a full body scan and follow up yearly with that. So no big deal. The spot was not even a mole, but more of a slightly raised area that I had thought maybe was a small wart that sometimes hurt and sometimes bled. I saw a picture of something similar in one of my magazines that made me think I better have it checked. So watch yer spotties, mates.

* Sometimes I feel that life at this stage of child-rearing is an endless progression of tasks that are constantly renewing. The laundry never ends. There are always more dishes to wash and meals to plan and toys to pick up and grocery shopping to do and trash to empty and diapers to change and boys to clothe. Phew.

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