Tuesday, May 05, 2009


We made a short, two-night trip to VA last week. It was so gorgeous and springy and green there.
Hear the cows. Smell the flowers. Breathe the warm Virginia air. See the lush green grass. Pat the Maddie dog. Wonder at five people crammed into the ol' Saturn for a return journey. Ahhhh.
We had just enough time to cram in a tasty meal at Great Grandma Lou's house, for the boys to go on an adventure trip to the store for farm boys,
and for some cuddles from one of Israel's beloved "Gamma"'s.
He sure does love his "Gamma"'s. He is a sweet, physically affectionate, little cuddle-boy. Here he is blowing kisses and joyfully clutching his hollow chocolate Easter bunny as we pulled away from the farewell goody-dispenser Gamma.
The boys dug into their Grandma-goodie-gift-bags with a rabid frenzy known only to starving animals and children who have not just completed a tasty breakfast of warm blueberry muffins, eggs, cantelope, rhubarb, OJ, and warm tea. Makes one clutch one's front-seat chocolate a little protectively.

The actual trip itself was....well, it was...long enough, lets put it that way. The boys did ok, though. We had the "Mommy, can I hold the DVD player?" guy,
the guy who cranks and pulls at his seat belt and squirms and demands to get out of his seat...and finally falls blissfully fast asleep (phew),
and then the little mostly bald guy with the bobbing, craning, curious head and the cute feet. Who actually did really well with a distracting brother on either side of him.
Tim gets lost in MP3 land.
And then there is me.
On trips, I am the toy getter, the DVD player mediator, the snack finding, the toll retriever, the direction reminder, the shirt-taker-off-er (not my own) after spilled juice, the book reader, the singer, the shusher, the squabble buster, the baby soother, the foot whacker when random feet are noted to be located about .76 mm from the baby's head, the nose wiper, the Cheezit hander-outer, the slightly nauseated/headached one from all the spinning around in my seat, and one of two marveling at how looooong four hours in a car can be. Phew.

We took one of our breaks at a BEAUTIFUL Catholic church that we pass in DE.
We strolled around and enjoyed the sunshine. Gabe went for a run midst the tombstones. :)
He's my little running buddy. As in, he runs while I watch and smile. And reminisce on the days whence I also had leg muscles.

We made it back safe and sound and hoping we don't have to drive anywhere too far very soon. :)


Janice said...

Cute kiddos. . and sooo with you on not liking long trips! They have somehow lost their appeal :).

RosyRose said...

oh Carrie I love this post...you are so amazing with words!
You took me right there in your little red car! What a perfect family get away! And I love your mama's tulips!

Anonymous said...

Why are you riding around in a little car, I thought you guys have a van? Oh, Lord. I care not to think about traveling with 5 in a Saturn! Bless, you, lady, so very much! Angelina

Carrie said...

Weeelll, our mini van has some "issues", and was working unpredictably at best. As we preferred NOT being stranded in DC or the boondocks, we decided to cram into the car. And, hey! Gas was cheaper that way! :)