Sunday, December 02, 2007



Phone rings. Showing scheduled for tommorrow, she says. Rejoice rejoice!!! First showing in months.

Whirlwind of cleaning as children whine. Every surface gleams; polished, dusted, vacuumed and Windexed. Holiday scents waft gently through the air from glowing candles. Christmas music plays softly. All stray children's items are tucked neatly out of sight in the basement. Lights burn everywhere, lighting up every corner of the house. Candles shine from the windows, warmth on a dreary day. This, my friends, is a house you want to come home to.

Phone rings. Lady's sick. Will reschedule.

Awww, stink.

Surfaces pulse eagerly, waiting to be smeared with dirty fingers. The floor beneath the couch begs for some fresh crumbs. The kitchen floor waits with anticipation for smudged banana and flour. The bathroom asks to be messed. Toys are ready to leap from their containers and spread themselves over the floor.

All right before the next showing.



Cottonista said...

Helen could destroy that clean house faster than your family put together.

Why don't you bring your whirring cleaning skills on down to my house? It could use some Windex.

heidirhodes said...

aww how sad after all that work. it takes so long to get a house clean but only seconds to destroy it again. i like the new haircut by the way. altho i do think it makes you look more like q. in a good way tho. =)

Cottonista said...

Hey--you just changed your blog name again! I still have you as Toots and Chubs in my bookmarks. You're changing a lot of things--your blog name, your hair. Hey wait a minute. Are you still Carrie?

Huong said...

I'm sorry, no offense - did you say your name was Cottonista? - but - who is Carrie? My name is Huong, which means "scent of the flower". Peace be with you, my stranger friend.