Saturday, December 01, 2007


Since I have had kids, I have turned into a sentimental sucker. I tear up with every On Star commercial I hear, with any life insurance commercial on TV, or even the occasional JC Penney's ad. The other week, the tears were welling as Oprah announced to Macon, Georgia that they were the surprise recipients of her "Favorites" show.


It's just that there was the cheering and the snow falling from the ceiling and the Christmas music playing and all the Fed-Ex people running was just a bit too much to handle. And the free refrigerator with the TV on it and the digital video camera....and the $350 Target giftcard....I'm sure you can understand. And the paninis and the sorbet...

Maybe you had to have been there.

Today in the WalMart parking lot as I was waiting for Gabe to finish smearing his A&W ice cream cone all over his jacket, there comes Josh Groban on the radio warbling "I'll Be Home For Christmas", and then they go and interject the song with voice clips of soldiers in Iraq giving messages to their families back home. People, now. And then there was the mom talking to her 4 year old daughter Madison about how she was going to miss seeing her open her presents at the Christmas tree and how much she loved her.... Oh dear.

I walked into WalMart with a pink nose and red eyes. Mommy Rudolph.


Elaine said...

I know exactly what you're talking about! I almost cry every time I put a new set of too-small clothes away. :-)

kristinbucher said...

Oh, sister! I totally relate! But my teary eyed moments are even worse. This morning my eyes welled up to, "And now the star of the show...Drew Carey" (The Price is Right). Why? I don't know. How stupid. Maybe I just can feel the excitement of the people of have "come on down". Geesh!!