Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snip snip snip

Yesterday I went and had about a foot or so of hair hacked off. Beam. It was great fun. I likey. I was SOOOO sick of my boring-boring-boring-drab-brown- baby-bangs-always-back-in-a- ponytail-holder hair. I actually hadn't intended to get quite that much off, but I am really happy with the results.
(if you are bored by hair talk, leave here)

She also put in highlights on top that were several shades lighter than my haircolor. She said with my haircolor, I don't need bleach; it will just make my hair orange. It looks so natural and just like what I wanted. Sigh of bliss.

I had a great time. It always makes me feel so relaxed to get my hair done. I got a nice scalp massage and everything. Second sigh of bliss.

This was the first place that I have ever been in Kentucky that actually did not do something absurd with my hair when they were done such as: (oh, yes) tease my hair with a brush (??!!), brush my hair out with with bristle brush (a no no for my hair), or blow dry it into some strange looking helmet. People, it's not that hard. Goodness. Scrunch a little stuff in there and let 'er go. I have just always let them "do their thing" out of sheer curiousity and bemusement. And now I'm moving. Sniff. Single tear.

Tim looked very startled when I walked in. Heh heh. He says that he misses the length, but he thinks it fits me. It does. Third sigh of bliss.

Anyone who tries to tell you good hair can't make your day is oh so deluded.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! It really does fit you. Hopefully it will be more low maintenance for you too. Candice

Anonymous said...

Carrie, it looks great! Your head must feel so light. Really brave of you to cut it off...the last time I had mine cut to my shoulder I cried all the time.
hope your weekend was snot free and yea for moving closer to me!! :) emily

Carrie said...

Candice - Thanks, chick.

Emily - I agree!! WAHOO!!!! on moving closer to you!!! It's worth the loss of a good hairstylist. I bet I could always come visit and at least find somebody around your area somewhere.

Cottonista said...

Carrie, it looks great! I can't believe it--I've never seen your hair that short. You're right--good hair makes you feel so much better.

Lynette Polinder said...

I love it to! Way to be courageous and just chop it off. You look beautiful.