Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Slimy Day

It's been one of those days where the entire house is awash in varied forms of snot, vomit, and drool. Yermmy.

I heard Israel wake up around 3:15 this morning, and when he kept fussing and coughing a little, I trudged across the hall to fill his bottle with milk. When I returned, I realized that he had peed through his diaper and onto his sheet. Stink. I wrestled him out of the two layers of clothes I had put him in to keep him warm, into a fresh 2 layers, and changed the sheet, as he lay drowsily drinking his milk.

Back to bed I zipped, where I lay awake, listening to him cough. And cough. And fuss some more. I already had the vaporizer running in their room, but after he kept coughing spasmodically, I thought maybe I should go add more salt. Back across the hall. It is now about 3:30. Israel is sitting up in his crib quietly. I peer blindly through the crib bars at him, and - is that? Oh no. Can it be - ? Crud. He is covered from head to toe in slimy milk curd vomit, which is also on his fresh sheet and his crib bumper.

I distastefully peel the nasty nasty nasty off of my child, who is suddenly wide awake and chipper with a Capital C. ChipPER. He squeals with delight and bounces around in his crib on his knees, crowing with joy. He vomits another time or two, this time on the bare mattress pad, just for the sheer fun of it. This is just painful. Gabe stirs over in his bed where he had previously been sleeping peacefully, and starts to moan and groan his woes. Oh. Joy.

Now it is 4:25 AM. Israel is playing cheerfully on the living room floor. Way more cheerfully than he plays during normal business hours. Gabriel is wadded up in his dinosaur blanket on the couch, refusing with screams of great sleepy disoriented distress to go lay in Mom and Dad's bed, because he is "scared". Tim is slouched painfully on the couch beside him. We are all having a GRAND time. This is one of those "worse" times, in the "for better or worse"'s.

Israel retires again for the night around 5. Tim goes down to sleep in the basement, and I tuck Gabe into bed with me. Where he lies quietly with eyes wide open, unable to sleep, tossing, turning, and digging his feet into my ribs. Every once in a while he starts to bellow about going back to his bed in Israel's room, which I do not want him to do, because let me tell you just how much I don't want Israel to wake up again. I distract him with stories, that trail off into silence mid-sentence, as I keep falling asleep. Gabe drifts off around 6:15 or so, and I gratefully follow suit.

Today Gabe extended the vomit fest. At least both times it was on hardwood or linoleum.
Both have been coughing a dry hacking cough all day. Israel is a virtual faucet of snot and drool.


The sweet, sweet days of childhood....



heidirhodes said...

oh carrie i kept groaning as i read your story. i absolutely hate cleaning up vomit(i guess i dont know anyone that enjoys it) and i think its even worse at nite. i dont know why i think the dark heightens the smell or something. hope isreal is feeling better soon. i have been blowing my nose about every 2 minutes here to. i didnt know our bodies could make so much snot. when i took alexis to the pediatrician for her one year checkup today they told me my iron was low. maybe thats why i cant fight this nasty cold, who knows but i will be starting my big bottle of vitamins tomorrow. take care and hopefully you will have a more restful nite.

Anonymous said...

ooohh man. . .I'm sorry!!!My boys have both had seriously runny noses and dry hacking coughs, but thankfully we have avoided blowing the groceries so far :). The worse part has been trying to hold down a squirmy, strong, wiry 9.5 mo old to try and clean out a nose full of snot and laying awake at all hours of the night listening to them cough. . but I'll take that any day over cleaning up puke (been there done that with Blake last year. . YUK!!). My boys are both on the mend. . .hopefully yours will be very soon. Hope you can get a nap :). Janice

Cottonista said...

I am so sorry. How awful.

Anonymous said...

Ewwww. Sorry Carrie, glad to see you still have your sense of humor, though. Hope tonight is better.:)

Carolyn said...

All I can say is few people can keep their sense of humor through these discouraging times like you. You remind me of Erma Bombeck. maybe you could write a column on the joy of child rearing

Elaine said...

Oh no, I hope they're feeling better soon! I hope more restful times are on the way soon.

Anonymous said...

You are so descriptive in your "momy" writings . . . I love reading your posts! Just to let you know that the books got here yesterday . . . the children just absolutely love the silly one :) you goof!!! But thanks for thinking of me and letting me know . . . it cheered my day in a bright new way!!! - Aimee

Anonymous said...

Carrie, there is nothing whatsoever "sweet" about that post. Oh, yuck. And I know, firsthand. Elise woke up Wednesday night after upchucking in her crib. Praise God, though, it was only something she ate that didn't settle well since we were headed to VA the next day (where I'm writing this now). Best wishes for a quick recovery (for all!) Angela