Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Yon Right Goodly Husband

So let me tell you about my yon right goodly husband.

The other night, after overwhelmed tears, he hustled the sweetie boys out to the living room to "leave mom alone" and let her do some well-needed blogging..

Then yesterday while I was working, he cleaned the house, so that I didn't feel so oppressed with all the work I needed to do when I got home and had the blessing of a clean kitchen. I sure do love a clean kitchen.

And today, after lunch while Israel was snoozing, he let me scuttle like a big scuttley bug in my fuzzy sweatpants and purple sweatshirt to my cozy bed where I curled up with my library book, my 2 Lindt chocolates (thanks Lynette), and my glass of ice tea. Where I laid in the sunshine, watching the trees blow their red autumn leaves outside my window, and where I drifted into peaceful, uninterrupted, glorious midday slumber, as previously longed for, and from whence I feel blissfully refreshed.

Happy sigh.

He's a yon right good goodly husband.
photo courtesy of Lynette Polinder


Candice said...

Now THERE'S a good man! I'm so happy your little daydream came true- at least for a few hours! I wish you many more chocolate eating, watching leaves blow, reading books moments.
Love you! Candice

Anonymous said... that is a good man :). Janice