Thursday, November 15, 2007


Heard in our house tonight:

Gabe: "What's that?"

Tim: "That's a deer that poops out candies. Now come on, let's go, and leave Mom alone."

That's a deer that poops out candies. Oh yes, my friends, you heard right.

While I was fixing lunch today, Gabe came out to the kitchen pantless and chirped, "I pooped in the potty!" Which, hallelujah, he had. This is a day for monumental events. #1 in the potty - why not? #2 in the potty? I don't think so. This indeed deserved a prize, as he had collected plenty enough "pee stickers" for a prize as well. (Life with children apparently breaks down into odder moments of celebration than you might imagine.)

Today I was running important errands like dropping the mortgage check off at the bank, getting Gabe's 3 year old pictures taken, and buying meaningless drivel at Claire's in the mall, where Gabe laid eyes on a toy reindeer that he decided he would like for his "potty present". On the way home I realized that it was a "special" reindeer that has "candy movements".

Classy. Yet fitting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you couldn't have picked a better or more fitting reward if you'd try!! Yummy! Reindeer poop! Candice

Sam said...

Beautiful. I'm currently laughing.

heidirhodes said...

GOOD JOB GABE! the reindeer is so cute and fits the situation perfectly. blake has a "poo poo cow" that he insists on taking to church with him and letting the smarties roll to the front of the auditorium. keep up the good work gabe.=)

Carolyn said...

Yeah for Gabe, from Nana Carol

Carolyn said...

Yeah for Gabe, from Nana Carol