Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I stretch out
per request
Weary day mostly behind me
Shoes still on
head on pillow
The Caped Avenger hurls himself through the air
Rushing to fill the empty space on top of my chest
Legs gripping my ribcage
Arms fiercely clutching my neck
blanket cape swirled in on top of us
satin cheek pressed firmly to my face
squeezing me in as close as he can
snuffling into my neck
In these days where one cannot get quite enough of Mommy
right now his all his greedy hug
breath whooshing past my eardrum
from all the vigorous mommy attacking
I grin into the darkness
pat the blanketed back
Child of mine struggling to find a comfy place to lay his head on mommy’s bony collarbone
Where is a well padded chest when I need one?
Cuddly minutes pass
Squirming quiets
Child lists to the side
Breathing relaxed
Eyes blink. pause. blink.
slow blink.
blond eyelashes resting on downy cheek
warm hand touching mine uncurls
sweet sleep.
I ease out from beneath the gentle weight of child limbs
baby arm falling gently to the side
and gaze at his slumbering
press an involuntary kiss to soft cheek
relaxed face, gentle breath
inhaling his innocence...


Anonymous said...

Great way to write it!! Isn't it amazing how they can be so active one minute and sleeping so peacefully the next?! ~LaVonne

Anonymous said...

Yay for more Poetry Tuesday! :) I love it. Good chatting this morning. Hope you're feeling better soon... Candice

joy said...

Good imagery!

Lynette Polinder said...

I like it. Keep it coming. I didn't know you were a secret poet!

Cottonista said...

Carrie Dickinson

Anonymous said...

Someday you'll take that Creative Writing class! Thinking about you alot lately...