Friday, October 26, 2007


1. Tonight for a snack, Gabriel wanted a jelly and cheese sandwich, with one slice of bread toasted, and the other not, and the cheese melted. So that's what he got. Then Tim decided that looked really good, so he made himself his own jelly and cheese sandwich. I just stood by the counter with a disconcerted expression on my face, shaking my head. What strange boys I have in my household.

2. Today for lunch we had chocolate chip pancakes. Mmmm. :)

3. Yesterday Gabriel got to fingerpaint and make playdough. I got Mommy points in heaven for all that. :) 4. There was a little critter hiding out in our kitchen tonight, in the space between the wall and the refrigerator. Tim managed to catch him the other day and got him in a bucket, but he must have gotten out. :)

5. Gabe has rediscovered the joys of markers and was busily scribbling away at his little table the past few days. He is really in a new developmental phase now, because his favorite part about such activities in the past was leaving the lids off of the markers and wandering away. Now he colors for quite a while, and generally carefully replaces the lids.
6. And just so he'll know we love him too and doesn't feel left out:
This little punkin' has been giving his mammy and pappy new gray hairs of late. The other night he was chirpily awake from 12:45 AM to 1:30 AM. Haggard look. Then the next night it was from about 10 PM to about 12:30 AM. Bleary eyes. Last night it was 11:30 PM-12:30 AM. Smack head against wall. I think we "reoriented" him time-wise tonight. One can only hope. He had just had a few mixed up nap times. Horridness. Something about having to give up the few minutes in the day you call your own makes one really squinty-eyed and grouchy.


heidirhodes said...

you definetly earned those mommy brownie points. fingerpaints AND playdoh!! in the same day. very ambitous on your part. im sure Gabe had a blast. why is everything that is so much fun for them so much work for us? i hate cleaning playdoh off the floor, but its well worth it if it keeps them entertained for a hour. hope your having a good and not to busy day. your deserve a break..=)

Cottonista said...

You get wife points too for letting your husband eat that sandwich.