Sunday, October 21, 2007

Growing Boys

Gabriel asleep on the couch. What a cutie. He looks so little there, but the other night when we took a Mommy-n-Me trip to Walmart, I glanced back at him in the carseat and did a double take over the fact that I have a child that is as big as he is. Wow.
Here was Gabe the other night "doin' it MY-self". :) He loves icecream.
Today I let Israel drink from a cup. He seemed fascinated that there was water to be had in there.
Tonight Tim found him out in the kitchen drinking by himself. He finds it alternately satisfying, and drinks greedily and then spills the water all over himself, which becomes hugely frustrating, and makes him very cranky. Hence:
Crabby child sitting in a puddle of water, gripping his cup and screeching.
After that activity, he went to the dining room and stood up in the middle of the floor all by his lil' old selfy. He looked rather surprised and delighted with himself.
And after all that growing work, it was time for bed. Here is Strange Looking Mommy holding her little tiny baby. I will draw your attention away from the strange expression on my face to the wings that fuzz out from the sides of my head. All the hair that fell out after Israel was born is now growing back in, leaving me looking like Dagwood the comic guy at times.
I like to walk around and bleat from time to time, since I have a lamb head. Add a crazed expression to my face, and I look sort of Einstein-y. Now I will take my curly headed self off and read a story to mine eldest.



Anonymous said...

I'd leave you my special sheep emoticon if I could. Just imagine it here. Also, I think Israel's thighs are bigger than your arms. Have a great day! Love, C.

Lynette Polinder said...

Israel looks like such a little goober in the picture where he is crying with his mug...can't wait to see those little boys soon!

Carrie said...

Candice - Indeed; those thighs are something else. You just gotta grab 'em and squeezysqueezysqueezy 'em. :)

Lynette - They can't wait to see you either. Gabriel was talking about you today.

Anonymous said...

i just thought I should let you know. . that is no tiny little baby you are feeding :). I feel your pain with the post baby hair growth. . .I'm sprouting new wispy little bangs :)(not very attractive). Janice

joy said...

Love the picture of Israel crying with the cup...great photo!

Angela said...

Thanks for the laugh Carrie! I love your curly 'do.

Cottonista said...

Carrie, you never cease to make me laugh. Along with your bleating, (which I can just hear), do you still violently sniff outside bedroom doors to announce your presence?