Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Israel!!!

One year ago today:
Israel Caleb Miller, born October 15, 2006.
One year later.

We celebrated Baby Israel's birthday by Mommy having a nice sleep-in and then a happily productive day of cleaning the house and going to Walmart with the fam. :) Then we stopped at McDonald's for a birthday supper and played in the playground. We're going to have a proper party probably this weekend, what with hats and cake (consider yourselves invited), but today was the low key celebration.
Daddy and Israel chortling away.
Gabe enjoying playground time. It was such a beautiful fall day.
Mmmmmm good.
Little punkin'.

I can't believe Israel is one year old already!!! He:
  • has 8 teeth
  • is cruising, and letting go of items to stand in place
  • can push his little walk toys
  • mimics sounds
  • loves to point
  • eats like a champ :)
  • sleeps from about 8 PM to 8 AM
  • takes usually one 2 1/2 hour morning nap and sometimes a 45 minute evening nap, but often skips that last nap
  • is not breastfeeding anymore
  • crawls with great gusto
  • pulls up everywhere
  • loves Mommy's cellphone
  • loves to wrestle with big brother Gabe


heidirhodes said...

happy birthday gabe and israel! wow i cant believe how fast time goes once you have little kiddos. how long was israel when he was born? he really fills up that little bassinet. loved looking at your new pictures. i agree about this beautiful weather. i wish it would stay this warm all winter. blake thinks it is grand to play outside in his underwear. he (and mommy) are not looking forward to being cooped up inside this winter. take care. ~heidi

Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday, Israel! LaVonne

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Israel! Carrie, he looks half grown in his hospital bassinet :). Ya'll have some super cute boys!! Janice

Angela said...

I looked at your title to this post and thought, "He's ONE?? My word, that was a fast year!" Blessings on the next years to come.

Cottonista said...

Israel's eyes should have come with a warning sign--"Caution--falls are likely!" What a sweetheart!

amber leslie said...

I want to see Israel and Gabe wrestle. I bet Israel wins...doesn't he!!! Hopefully we will see you all this weekend for the celebration

Carrie said...

Heidi - you're right - being cooped up inside with an energetic 3-year old sounds dubiously like a lot of work. :)

LaVonne - Thanks! :)

Janice - I know, aren't they precious? I wish you would do a blog, too, so I could see your little boysies.

Angela - you are so right. That year FLEW by!!! Was it the same way for you too, for Elise?

Joyce - isn't he, though?

Amber - Israel doesn't win quite yet, but we suspect that not very far into the future, he may begin to flip that statistic around. :) See you soon!

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