Monday, October 15, 2007

A Week in Pictures

Tim logging miles down the highway.
Celebrating Gabriel's birthday at Granddaddy and Grandma's house.
Splashes in the sink. Israel was crank crank cranking one day, so I decided to plop him into a midday sink bath and he thought that was a great idea!
Sweetie pie at the screen door.
Granddaddy reading a nighty-night story to Gabe.
Grandma helping Gabe try out his nifty new birthday scooter.
Uncle Quentin spends some time with the nephew. Israel kept looking at Quentin big-eyed and observantly. He hadn't run into many uncles like him. :)
Taking a double take.
Gabe fries himself an egg. (with secret assistance)
Enjoying a fall day.
Celebrating Israel's first birthday at Grandma and Granddaddy's house.
Some be-hatted golf cart buddies.


Anonymous said...

I did a double take myself- haven't seen Quentin in ages- he's like guy Carrie! Happy birthday, G and I! Candice

Sam said...

Those are great pictures. Especially the sink one. So is there really a party this weekend? :D