Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby pictures!

I went back to the doctor on Friday morning and got to see the wee little bugger again!

It's amazing how much he/she has changed in 2 weeks. The baby was pretty much sleeping, I think it moved it's arm once, despite the uncomfortable prod in the stomach the midwife gave me - ooofff. :) I measured 10 weeks and 1 day. The heart rate was about 165.

In other Gabriel news, last night I was singing Gabriel a little song that I've always sung him that goes "Mommy loves her baby, Daddy loves his baby...." and I stopped singing, and then I hear this little voice singing (right on key) "Mommy dada dah dah"... Tim and I just couldn't believe it. It was precious! When I put him in his crib a few minutes later, he was talking about "Daddy...baba". He's so funny - we'll put him in his crib and he'll just talk to us while we're in there and keep on talking after we leave for a while. Then he's quiet for a little bit, and then his conversation starts back up.

Today he was "talking" to his Granddaddy on the phone while he was holding this big mug, and drinking out of the cup with one hand while he had the phone up to his ear at the same time. He would drink and then talk. It was hilarious.


emeliah said...

wow! these are awesome pictures...i haven't ever seen ones like this. what a miracle

who is mr toots?

Carrie said...

Mr. Toots is Gabriel, so named by his Daddy. :)