Wednesday, March 22, 2006

To catch up from the last post, we are FINALLY over the flu - it took incredibly long. I never get the flu shot because I never get the flu, and I hear more people complaining that they feel sick from the flu shot - the combination of those two factors have to this point neutralized the value of said flu shot - UNTIL THIS YEAR!!! Next year, I shall faithfully line up like an obedient zombie to get my arm poked, if it in any way guarantees that I won't have a repeat of this year' sickness! Thankfully, Gabriel didn't get nearly as sick as we did. He did run a temperature of up to 103, but seemed to heal up a lot quicker.

Gabriel is really saying a lot of words recently. It's like he goes through growth plateaus, and then peaks. Right now is a verbal peak. Tim is good at getting him to repeat words. He says "boose" for juice, "tea" (he loves his tea), "ba", or "bop" for ball (the word "ba" can make up entire conversations, he can talk at great length of "ba" - he loves "ba". "Ba" is the first thing he thinks of upon waking, the foremost hope of going outside.), "bye-bye", "hush" (he learned this from all the hushing we do with Chloe), "goggie" for cookie (another favorite), "chika chika" for his Chika Chika ABC book (he also applies this to most books he wants to read), "daddy" (another favorite conversation component), "mama" (usually only uttered at times of distress or disappointment), and "mm-daddy" for Granddaddy.

His favorite toys currently consist of anything with which to whack with. Spoons, spatulas, small PVC pipes, etc. He is a big fan of the tiger xylophone his Nana gave him because it has these handy drumsticks that are (to him) unfortunately tied down. He puzzles over those knots that hold them on, but Mommy has gotten whacked in the head enough with every other item, that she keeps her wise silence and leaves those helpful little knots in place.

Hopefully, we will go soon to get another picture taken of him. Mom and Dad zipped in this past weekend to check on him. He was very happy to have some new people to play with. Dad took him on some jogging stroller rides. They really thought that he had grown since they last saw him.

Update on the new baby. I'm due October 22. Here's a picture of the cute little feller or fellerette:

I'm thinking it's a boy as opposed to a girl because I haven't been really nauseous at all - I wasn't with Gabriel either. So I guess we will see. I am currently 9 weeks and 5 days along, and I go back to the doctor on Friday. I have been feeling pretty good aside from TIRED, so tired. I will be glad when this first trimester is over, just to have some more energy!

Till later....

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