Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Gabriel is a very industrious bather. The other night, while I was running water for his bath, he was busily running around behind me, gathering up every single item he could find to throw into the bathtub for his personal use. Once he is in the tub, he rolls up his proverbial shirtsleeves and gets to work. "Work" consists of systematically picking up each bottle/toy/kitchen utensil/etc. and raising it as high as his little arms can reach and throwing it down as hard as he can into the water, which creates a very satisfactory splash that generally is not contained by the tub. Sigh. His own personal waterworks. On a brighter note, I didn't even have to get a bucket to mop the bathroom floor the other night as he busied himself in the tub. I just used the water already on the floor combined with a bit from the sink faucet and had a sparkling clean floor in no time. :) Tim noted the other night that he was "working" so hard that his chest and cheeks were flushed from all the exertion. I counted 13 items in the tub at one point. What a busy bee.

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