Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mommy loves her baby

Tonight I was sitting with Gabriel on my lap while I was checking email, and he was banging away on the keyboard Tim keeps on the desk. I realized that he was singing "bah-ba-ba-ba-bah-bah" to the tune of "Mommy Loves Her Baby", all on his own - we hadn't even sang it recently. This song, for all you beloved relatives out there, includes the names of Grandma, Granddaddy, Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Quentin, Aunt Melody, Uncle Wayne, Tyler, Aunt Lynette, Uncle Rusty, Emmie, Smokey, Katie, Mindy, Chloe, (Emmie through Chloe are all pets), Thailand, and Jesus. And all of whom "love their baby". :) Gabriel likes to cuddle in the rocking chair with his blankets and pacifier and Mommy and sing that song. I was really surprised that he just sang the tune on his own, though. Sounds like he has music in his blood! :)

In other music news, Gabriel now has a drum, with drumsticks, a tambourine, 2 maracas, and a harmonica. We saw it at Walmart and couldn't resist. The other items are generally unused, but the drum he likes. :) It's not as loud as a spoon on a pan, I'll tell you that much!!

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