Thursday, August 10, 2006

Football Fan

I came out to the living room tonight and noticed Gabriel busy with all sorts of full body movements. When I changed the channel from the football that was on, and he protested, I realized that I was interrupting his very own personal football game. Sure enough, when I switched it back, he went into all sorts of copy-cat moves. When the teams would go into the whatchamacallit where they kind of squat down on the line of scrimmage waiting for the ball to be hiked, he would bend his little chubby knees and stick his arms straight down between his legs, and then when they would hike the ball, he would take off running furiously around the living room and fall over with legs still pumping and arms still whirling and spin around in place - packing as much movement in as possible. Absolutely adorable!!! I just sat there and watched him and grinned. He had a great time.

I have to go back to work tommorrow, two 12 hour days on, after all these days off in a row, and have been on a mental vacation today. As in "hello? Anyone home?" Tim has been very kind to me and done some of my errands, and washed and diapered the wee child that has been churning oh-so-energetically around the house today. Oh, man, that kid takes energy!!!! Just thinking of how much energy makes me once more collapse into a chair and stare blankly at the wall. I think all those successive weeks of overtime and achiness have sent me into a storing-up of emotional readiness for exhaustion, and I just can't do much else other than zone out. I'm not planning on really working much, if any, overtime this month, though. Hopefully. I did make a good supper today, to my credit, however, including luscious rice krispy bars. Mmmm.


Sam said...

Hey Carrie,

For the record, I'm stoked that Gabe loves football. Thought you might want to know the name of said whatchamacallit.

3-point stance: one arm and two legs touching ground

4-point stance: both arms and both legs touching ground

2-point stance: two legs touching ground (in athletic position)

I know this is very important...but I can't help it. I think Gabe and I will have to watch some football together. Blessings

Carrie said...

Oh, thanks, Sam. I knew it was called something. :) Now I can properly educate my son...