Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To Colorado and back again

Tim, Gabe, and I went to Estes Park, CO with my parents and Quentin from July 29-August 6 for Tim to go to Music in the Rockies. We had a great time. Gabe thoroughly enjoyed his time with his grandparents and his uncle Quentin, and he learned new words like "elk" and "chip-buck" (chipmunk). Gabriel also went to the zoo for the first time in Denver, where everyone responsible wished they had their own stroller to be shuttled around in. Gabe did great flying, also. Basically the only trouble we had came when the tray-tables had to be pushed back up for landing, and he was denied a driving-car/coloring-book-supporter surface. He even fell asleep both times flying, which was wonderful.

These pictures of are the Hat Boys. Gabriel really enjoyed wearing his hat like Granddaddy. It was so cute!

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