Saturday, August 19, 2006

This morning I went to work at 6:45 AM after waking up 3 times during the night; once, to find water for the wailing child and to pee, another time to pee, and, oh yes, another time TO PEE. One of the joys of pregnancy. After hitting the snooze button about 27 times, I waddled in blearily and devoutly unchipperlike to work.

I had a hilarious withdrawl patient. When I asked him if he could tell me where he was, he asked "Now do you want that in beats per minute?" After I blinked a bit bewilderedly and said "Can you tell me what place you are in?", he nodded knowingly and informed me that he plays soccer, and sometimes he hits the ball with his head. That answered all of my questions regarding orientation...

Then I had another lady tell me that I look more pregnant than 30 weeks, and she can't see me making it the whole way. Which I agree with, thank you very much. Today I was watching this computer animation of a cross section of a pregnany woman with a baby in her uterus, and happily viewed the 30 week depiction...and then watched in mounting horror exactly how much bigger that baby had to get, and how much more stretched out one's belly could become. It was a bit disheartening. I am definitely already bigger than I was with Gabriel - and the baby only weighs 3 pounds right now!! More like 8. I was a bit spoiled with the 5 pound 9 oz baby Gabe was, all wrapped up in a first pregnancy belly, and arriving 3 weeks early. Sigh.

So after shuffling tiredly through my day, I arrived home to find a wee boy who hadn't fallen asleep until 6 PM and was ready to play!!! Oh, man. Tim wondered tonight where the third parent was. The one who sleeps all day and then takes care of him when we're tired. Now that, my dears, is a very good question. Where indeed?

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Carolyn said...

Keep writing Carrie. This is great stuff for Gabriel to be reading when he gets older and I love your writing skills. You make me laugh

Amo Carol