Saturday, August 19, 2006

Little Buddy

I was trying to put Gabe in the bathtub last night, and he was vigorously protesting, which is kind of unusual. I set him back down on the ground, and he carefully walked out of the bathroom with his wet little feet, sat down on his baby potty in the hallway, (which he still hasn't been potty-trained on, due to busy mommies), concentrated, and peed a nice little arc onto the floor. Which was just fine, because we were so impressed with him using the potty!!

In other news, I thought he was so cute the other night - he careened into the bathroom and hurt his toes and sat grouchily on the floor. When I asked him if he was ok, he said "ennnnhhh - piggies!!" :) It was precious. Poor little piggies...


Josh said...

hey carrie,

it's josh kleinfeld from asbury college...tim and sam's friend.

anyway, i saw your site through sam's site and was delighted to see that it was you.

say hey to tim and gabe!

aubrey is pregnant right now too. actually we're going to be 24 weeks on sunday. pretty exciting stuff. i'll make sure to show her your comments on this whole pregnancy thing...she'll get a kick out of it.

anyway, i hope you're doing well.

have a good day...and maybe find some rest somewhere...but not while driving

Carrie said...

Hey Josh! Congratulations on your and Aubrey's pregnancy! That is very exciting! Let us know how everything goes...