Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get a Grip

Israel gets a grip. He loves to grip. It is pretty cute. When I'm feeding him he will grab my shirt and just pull himself in. We actually have been letting him sleep on his stomach, since he has excellent neck control, and he sleeps so much better, and I think a part of that is because he can hug into the mattress.

Here is Mommy and Gabriel in a sea of books. Some of Gabriel's favorite books right now are "No, David!", a few books by Kim Lewis that have adorable pictures and talk about tractors and chickens (a Christmas present from Grandma Carol), Construction Trucks (from Grandma Edith) - these Grandmas seem to hit it right on the money! I sound like quite an expert talking about payloaders, skidsteers, giant excavators, and the like. :)

So here is an Israel update. Israel is losing his black hair and getting medium brown hair in. I think his eyes might stay the dark blue that they are. He weighs approximately 57 pounds, at least, so says my arms and back. Tim and I are achy by the end of the day from carting him around. His rate of weight gain has exceeded my muscle gain. :) He is generally waking once a night. I will feed him around 10 PM, and then around 2:30 AM or so, and then about 7-ish in the morning. Unfortunately, he likes to remain awake at that 7 AM one, and it is with much yawning and bleariness that I comply. The problem here is that Israel's mommy likes to cram in some me-time after all the wee ones have settled down for the night, and then goes to bed late. He still also likes to be held about 99.8% of the time he is awake, and although we utilize the $5 Baby Bjorn that Mom found for us (is she a good Mennonite thrifty shopper or what?! $5!!!), sometimes it just doesn't cut it. Yesterday he fussed all day long, and sometimes the only thing that makes him quiet is to eat. Again. Seriously.

I just started reading a book called 1-2-3 Magic - Effective Discipline for Children 2-12, and I really like it. It talks about the misconception that a lot of parents have that if they can get their child to understand why they are telling them to do something, they will happily comply, when that it not the way kids are. Kids are not small reasonable adults. So the counting has started today. We shall see how this goes. You are supposed to count to three for bad behavior, leaving several seconds in between, and once they reach three, if they haven't stopped, they go to their room for one minute per year of age. You do not say anything between counts - no "That's one, you had better listen or you are going to your room! Do you hear me?" And then after they come back, you don't talk about what they did, you don't say "Are you going to be a good boy now?" You just let them out and count again if they need it. Apparently it is pretty effective. The thing Gabe mostly needs more help with not stopping bad behavior - he usually listens if we are firm - but starting things, like coming when you call. This book talks about that, too.

Off to make lunch now. Toodles.

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Ang said...

I've discovered that there are benefits to having a small, petite child (unlike you or I have), 'cuz hauling around a 20 pounder sure wears me out!!